A Flamingo Made of Flamingos!

Photo: Robert B. Haas

Just how awesome is this: National Geographic photographer Robert B. Haas captured this aerial photo of a flock of flamingo birds shaped like a giant flamingo!

Link to the larger pic - Thanks Marilyn!

Am I also supposed to believe that this is a rare breed of flamingo that has never had any contact with the outside world and lives like cavepeoples?
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I don't think it's shopped, but I do think there is a kind of bias in perception. It doesn't look like a flamingo, it looks like a duck or goose.

Take a look at the 'beak' instead of being long and curved down, this one is short and curved up.

Also the body shape is squat and round with the 'legs' oriented toward the rear of the body.
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If in truth it is shopped then shame on NG for that. They have always touted to have the best ethical ideals for photography in that nothing should be retouched. But if this is a real honest "hand on heart" picture than that's pretty neat.
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