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RIP Whats-his-name

The passing of a cat has spawned a neighborhood memorial. The cat was known as Ginger, Dave, Atkinson, or Fonzworthy III. A shrine of flowers and notes have gathered at Holloway Street in Bath, England as the many who fed the ginger tom mourn his death. The cat was put down by a vet after a diagnosis or organ failure. The neighbors have even started a Facebook Group to remember him.
One tribute addressed to Dave read: 'We've enjoyed your company immensely over the years and will miss and remember you.' Tony Brown, 66, knew the cat as Atkinson. 'When he died, we thought we ought to put a notice up because he was so well known,' he said.

'Suddenly, there was an extraordinary outpouring of grief and this Diana-like shrine began to grow. It was only then we discovered just how many people were looking after him.

'You couldn't own Atkinson, he was his own cat. My epitaph for him is he was owned by no one but belonged to everyone.'

Link -via Arbroath

I recently had to be the decision maker for a feral cat in our neighbouhood. Mickey had been 'ours' for 15 years - living outdoors in Ontario the entire time. It took me 5 years to get him to trust me; others had known him longer, and he trusted them.

We all looked out for him, but toward the end no one could go near him; he'd been attacked by a raccoon and was too badly injured to protect himself from other feral toms. Eventually, he went blind and detiorated rapidly.

One day, I found him unde a car, sleeping. Flies were everywhere and he could barely life his head. he knew it was time to go.

I called the animal control office, and waited with some other neighbours (we all wanted to say good-bye, but no one wanted to look at him). I lay down on the pavement next to him, and talked to him.

We all agreed that any cat that had survived outdoors for 15 years deserved to an exit better than under a car or at the jaws of another animal.

He put up a 'fight' as they caged him (the control officer let out several 'oh my God!' when she saw his condition), and I soothed him by letting him sniff my fingers.

Eventually, Mickey simply lay down his head in the cage and went back to sleep. He had also decided it was time to go.
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Although I'm not quite as heartless as that, the idea of a Facebook page for a dead cat seems ludicrous even in the Facebook world.
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Miss C. I doubt very much if any child in this world is starving due to someone showing care and concern for another type of creature, furry or not. Children starve because of greed in one form or another, not because some people in England fed an alley cat. By the way, I've invested plenty of emotion on a variety of feline friends throughout the years and had that investment returned tenfold. I guess a Facebook page is ludicrous for a cat since Facebook is for young teenagers to post pictures of their debauchery, and for pedophiles to "hook up" with our kids.
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Great stories. The Facebook group was a great idea..otherwise they'd have no idea how big the community was that cared for him. So interesting.
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Care about your own species. Nothing wrong with having a pet but don't think they are anything special enough to cry about. That's a perversion of your human empathy.
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Isn't unusual disregard for animals a sign of sociopathic tendencies? Should we be looking in Miss C's crawlspace? Love for animals in no way suggests lack of love for fellow human beings. Bizarre.
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Fontzworthy III: That's a great name for a cat!!!! Didn't somebody say (all I know is it wasn't me), "a nation is judged by the way it treats it's animals." If so, the gentle people of Bath ,England should be proud of themselves.
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To those who think caring is wasted on animals: Love is not a zero sum game. There is more than enough to share. It only runs out if you think you need to ration it.
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I think the ersatz Miss C is trolling there a little.

And you're right about Facebook, David. Although I thouhgt most of the pedophiles were over on Myspace. We really ought to keep better track of them...
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Taylor. Here is what you are looking for.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.. I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man"
~ Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

Cat Killer. You're probably going to prison and certainly hell. Have a good time.

Miss C. I try to care about my own species and then people like you and Cat Killer show up.
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Miss C: I'd cry more for ANY animal than I would for you or any of your poorly-raised spawn. You're a pretty sad example of "humanity" and I for one am ashamed to share even a single piece of DNA with the likes of you.

/trollfeeding off
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