Thermite Destruction

(YouTube link)

Jason at Hack A Day details an experiment using thermite to destroy a hard disk while still in a computer case. He also explains what thermite is and warns you not to try this. Link -Thanks, Jason!

Though if you can get hold of it/make it yourself it's great fun to mess around with, if you know how. If you can't be safe don't do it. It's a bit like firecrackers, though instead of taking off a couple of fingers this has the potential to cause some major destruction if handled improperly.
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um, I think my 12 year old nephew would like that video. like alot of kids his age, fire is very alluring.
But I don't get why the video was made in the first place. kinda dumb in my opinion.
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It was made to show a foolproof way of destroying data on the HD. Some people commit digital crimes and need to destroy the evidence. A friend of mine is spending two years in the pokey because he thought that writing zeroes to his drive a half-dozen times would be enough. I told him to put a nail all the way through it, but he didn't listen.
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