Neatorama Mystery Sale

What will you get for just $9.95?

Hooray! Neatorama is having a Lucky Bag/Mystery Sale - For $9.95, you'll get ... well, it's a secret ... a mystery ... I can't tell you - that's the whole point of the sale!

What I can tell you is this: you'll get something worth at least $9.95. It will be a physical product (it could be a t-shirt, or a book, or something else entirely). It'll be new. And hopefully, fun!

Intrigued? I promise you the Neatorama Mystery Sale will be fun.

It's for a very limited time only, so hurry!

Update 9/15/08 - Thanks for the great response, guys! Time's up on the Neatorama Mystery Sale. For those who didn't buy today, perhaps next time!

Well, I normally don't do these sorta things, but i figured I would try this one out. Besides, I want to support neatorama. :-)

p.s.: Is anyone else having trouble logging in? For some reason it seems to log me in ok, but when i go back to neatorama, I am no longer logged in.
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I bought 2, the only unfortunate thing is that I can't specify two different shirt sizes :(

I'm all excited now! Will you please have a post weekly so we can report back our finds? IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS! WOOT!
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OOO I bought 2 things from the something store which was posted a while ago. I recieved a pair of mens sunglasses, the sporty kind, and a green hip scarve that a belly dancer would wear. I wonder what Neatorama is giving out...
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oh man, my gf is gonna kill me, but i can't resist! she got mad about the 'something' (which turned out to be a lovely travel mug). my guess is a 'i survived the large hardron collider' tee; i imagine they weren't a huge seller (but I'll be happy to have one!). glad to give a few bucks to my favorite blog.
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I never understood purchasing something that which I don't know what is (please help grammars). I prefer to purchase things that I know what I'm getting. i.e. I go to Target and I purchase paper towels, and I get paper towels when I open the package.
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Your grammars are correct Buzz.

Well that's ok, apparently you don't care for excitement in your life Buzz. Or perhaps you do, but it doesn't come in the form of "what could possibly be in this bag." I hope someday you can purchase something without a care in the world what might be in the bag, box or whatever it may come in. As for me, I really do enjoy this much so I'm willing to donate some of my dollars and never get anything in return. This is a complete bonus to get a mystery gift even if it may be a stick of gum.

We thank thee Neatorama
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I just got my mystery bag/box from the recent sale. I really love it. mental_floss magazine and Instant Knowledge. I'm just a little disappointed it doesn't say Neatorama on it. The blog should start selling bumper stickers with the blog name or something, and include one with each sale. That would be amazing. Thanks!
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