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Man Wants Attractive Flatmate Who Can Cook and Clean

Are you an attractive woman, between the ages of 18 and 26, and can cook and clean? Paul Eley, a 30-year-old finance guy in an investment company, has a proposal for you:

I am looking for a new flatmate as my old one has now left. Could you pass this on to anyone you might think would be interested.

I don't need any rent from any potential flatmate, so it will be rent free. The only thing they would pay for is their own food.

I am looking for a girl flatmate between 18 years old and 26 years old. Preferably someone who is very tidy and reasonable nice to look at.

Instead of paying rent I would expect them to do the following.

Clean the whole apartment once a week. Clean the kitchen every day and keep it tidy.

Do some of my washing and ironing. Occasionally cook for me on a week day if I am working late (nothing difficult something like sausages and mash).

It would not be a permanent arrangement because if I had a serious permanent girlfriend they would have to move out.

I would give them one month's notice so they had time to find somewhere else.

If you know anyone who would be interested let me know and I will meet them to see if I can get on with them.


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"Man wants [ed]relieving of his reproductive organs"

I don't think it is sexist exactly, but it shows what a mysogynyst he is. He wants a platonic housekeeper until he can upgrade to one which comes with "extra features"
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He sounds like a douchebag..though I know plenty just like him..but if someone didn't mind being a maid and 'nice to look at' (wow) this could be a great opportunity depending on the location. She could develop a relationship with him that was platonic while making him depend on her, increasingly then becoming more independent and able to make demands that allow for a good life. For some reason, I don't think the long-term potential gf scenario will be much of a worry. Invest in a good bedroom lock though.
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Free rent? I'll clean for him.

The only thing really bad is that he sets an age range for the girl to be. That tells you he wants eye candy - he probably has a sexy French maid costume somewhere he'd like her to wear.
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This guy wants a doormat. then he'll upgrade it to a more permanent doormat, until that one gets old and unattractive.

I'm disgusted with him. And I'd be disgusted with the floozy that moves in with him, too.

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Don't worry, he's a finance guy at an investment company, he'll be living on the street eating garbage soon enough.
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So, basically, he wants a "kept woman". There are plenty of girls with low self-esteem who would jump at a chance like this.

I bet his mummy did everything for him until he was 25. Including wipe his bum.
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It's called a live-in housekeeper. I don't know about elsewhere, but in the US it is illegal to specify gender when hiring an employee. Offering lodging for services counts as hiring.
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It's not illegal to specify gender if the gender is a requirement of the job. Not many dudes working the tables at Hooter's.
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