Metallica Rendered in LOLcats

A group of submitters at 4chan set the lyrics to Enter Sandman by Metallica to pictures of appropriate LOLcats! Cute Overload has the collection. Link -via b3ta

I saw this a while back and loved it. Some of the stuff that happens in 4chan is really quite hilarious. It's really too bad that the rest of it is furry porn :/
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Oh, if only furry porn was the worst thing to happen on 4chan. There would be about 20% less terrible on the internet if furry porn was the worst thing on 4chan. Extreme racism, gore threads, raids on rival websites (especially those who take 4chan lightly, or promote racial or gender equality), animal torture, and harassment of unknowing internet users all contribute to the overall scourge on the internet known as 4chan.

Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out there. But if I caught my kid going on /b/, I'd never let him on the internet again, and I'd probably get him counseling.
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"Metallica Rendered in LOLcats"

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