Bottled NY Tap Water

Truth in Hydration is a bottled water companyTruth in Hydration is the blog of Tap'dNY, a bottled water company that sells ... New York tap water in bottles! To market their product, the company's "street team" went about Central Park refilling people's empty bottled water with good ol' fashioned NYC tap! - Thanks Jake Bronstein!

Update 9/12/08: Sorry, my mistake. The company is Tap'dNY, Truth in Hydration is its blog - Thanks Jake!

I have heard that NYC tap water is pretty good.

Ours, on the other hand, is disgusting. Sometimes it smells so bleachy that it makes me want to gag. I can't imagine that drinking what is essentially swimming pool water would be good for you.
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Is that even legal?

They must have some sort of license from the City and State to be doing that - because if one of these people go sick, who's going to pay for it?
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So another bottled water company that's different because they're up-front about where it comes from. I guess I like it if it were free or close to what it actually costs them so that people stop buying other bottled water.
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It'd be a shame if the girl got some of that tap water on her tank top there. ;) (I apologize for this, but c'mon, you were thinking it.)

And yeah tap water is surprisingly delicious here. I need to get one of those refillable water bottles, though. I've just been refilling gatorade bottles.
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As far as I recall NYC water from tap/fawcet is good. Unlike London where in hot summers the water can be chemically significant enough to be on the pill.

As a Scot this was disgusting.

Also the air there make their water look like Scottish Springs finest.

black snot,
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I think its sort of funny how Dasani (Owned by coke) is more expensive than their coke. By adding sugar/sweetener and syrup, they de-value the water. :P

The only bottled type of water I buy is Spring water. And even then, you have to be weary of the source. I would never buy spring water from france or Italy, good lord.... those places are polluted.
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Ok well tap water in any American state has to meet EPA standards so even though the taste will cary widely, it's all safe to drink. Clearly some places have better tasting water than others - I live in Las Vegas and almost everyone uses a carbon filter for the tap water here because it's so mineral heavy.

However after living here 3 years I'm sort of used to it and drink it out of the tap with no problem - I think if I moved somewhere else and drank more pure water I probably wouldn't like it ;)
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Years ago, "Consumer Reports," I think did a bottled water taste test comparison, using NYC tap water as a control...and it won!

When I went there, I was really impressed with how good the water was, which seemed counter-intuitive for such an urban/industrial place, but I think it's supposedly from the catskills.

I can say, however, without a doubt they won't be doing this for Los Angeles water, which generally tastes like it came from a pool.
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You're all talking about TASTE -

I'm talking about PARASITES and DRUGS.

Just like this:

and then you go and TRANSPORT simple tap water in silly PLASTIC containers WORN BY A PERSON?????

I wouldn't touch it unless it is put through a filter twice at least before I drink ANY tap water - or it had better be distilled first!

You must be joking..................
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New York tap water is okayyy-ish. Although it does have that distinct swimming pool flavour, I managed to survive drinking it for 3 months. Saying it actually tastes good is a bit of a stretch, but better than London tap water. I do remember stories about NY water being the secret ingredient that makes NY pizza so delicious. Urban myths abound about pizzerias exporting it to other states to mimick a real NY pizza.
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I don't know about NY water, but the tap water in Portland, OR is so good that old-school Portlanders laugh at people buying bottled water. It comes from the Bull Run Reservoir which is a natural watershed, and the filtering and chlorination is very minimal. It tastes sweet like rainwater. Sorry, I'm kind of reminiscing here; just moved to a state with kind of gross water-tower water.
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i don't see anywhere on their website that says they SELL water. it looks like they are simply trying to get new yorkers to reduce their use of bottled water, and prove to them they won't die if they drink from the tap.
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The National Geographic Channel produced a video on the construction of the aqueducts that carry water to NYC. The engineering accomplishments of that project truly are mind-boggling to this day.

They literally flooded an entire town upstate and constructed underground waterways for the water to reach NYC.
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I hang out in the Catskills not far from the Ashokan which is where all NYC water comes from. It's beautiful and well looked after by the EPA.

Problem is: added chlorine and added fluoride and the journey through hideous pipes, not to mention the nasty pipes in most apartments.

Still better than London's tap water which is recycled 7 times (7 people have already drank it!) UGH!

I'll stick to Polish Spring and recycle the plastic bottles thanks.
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My dad lives on long island and doesn't drink the tap water. He puts it in a brita thing were it filters the water. It tastes good in the brita thing but straight from the sink it tastes kind of i don't know i can't describe it maybe chalky??
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