The Poisonous Typo

We have so many typos on Neatorama that I've decided to call 'em features rather than errors. But as far as I can tell, we haven't made anyone physically ill with our typos.

Here's a story of a typo that actually sent people to the hospital:

On Thursday, a popular Swedish food magazine recalled 10,000 store copies after a mistake in one of its cake recipes left four people sick, dizzy and in pain.

"There was a mistake in a recipe for apple cake. Instead of calling for two pinches of nutmeg it said 20 nutmeg nuts were needed," Matmagasinet's chief editor Ulla Cocke told Agence France-Presse.

Link - via Freakonomics

I've actually used Nutmeg to get high. It is far from a pleasant experience. I can understand it making people sick given what it did to me. Got a bit buzzed, but dear god the side effects. Nausea, dizziness, head clogged full of gunk, mervousness, palpatations etc...

Don't do cake ingredients, kids! Drugs are fine.
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If someone actually thought putting that many nutmeg nuts into a recipe was a good idea, they probably shouldn't be in the kitchen. I'm actually pretty impressed that so many people managed to choke down enough of the cake to get sick; it must've tasted awful.
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You have to wonder who would actually put 20 nutmeg nuts in a cake. Must be the same people who help disgraced politicians smuggle money out of Nigeria.
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This sort of thing usually happens a few steps down the line from the person who actually wrote the article. Where do you even get nutmeg nuts anyway?
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I was about to comment on the gullibility of anyone who puts 20 nutmeg nuts in a cake, but it looks like most everyone else here in on the same level with me in that respect. And good grief, that must have been one seriously expensive cake. Nutmeg ain't cheap, especially in nut form.

I love nutmeg, is small doses. sprinkled on a cappuchino. Or in eggnog.


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Nutmeg is a dangerous substitute to drugs which have been well documented. Don't know how many times an ambulance had to cart off one of the freshmen back in my Dorm because some got the idea that Nutmeg was an awesome marijuana substitute!
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