Shot in the Face

Photographer and Bluerailroad magazine editor Paul Zollo was riding his bicycle when he saw Kevin in the crowd and noticed him instantly. Here's the story of how Kevin (literaly) lost his face:

I asked him what happened.
"Shot," he said. "Shot in the
face." He motioned a gun
at close range being shot
directly into his face.

So tell me, how did it feel,
after you shot yourself in the
face - and you came to -
and realized you were not

"Agony. The worst agony


What kind of gun?

Link [Flickr] - via The Love Blog

I lost a good friend in high school this way. The day before he did it we skipped class and sat right there in his truck in the schools parking lot smoking out and just jawing. I knew something was up but he was elusive.
Next day he went out to the culvert and put a shotgun barrel in his mouth.
2 days later I half heartedly slashed my wrists. My Dad worked part time at the funeral home and brought me in to see my friends remains.
Needless to say, I have never contemplated suicide again.
This man found a new life, and from what I read on the flicker site he's not taking it for granted.

On a side note I just spent the past hour or so looking thru all the photos. well not all, but i sure got caught up. Many of the pics reminding me how wonderful life is, and the others, of the unfortunates, how fragile it truelly is.
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Tim, I found myself transfixed by the photos and their stories, too.

Supposedly the story of Arseface was inspired by the true story of James Vance. He and his best friend listened to the Judas Priest album "Stained Class" for hours and then attempted to kill themselves. His friend succeeded; Vance managed to obliterate the lower half of his face. The families sued Judas Priest (and lost). Vance died from a drug overdose years later.
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I was riding my bike when I saw Kevin and decided to muscle into his pain and isolation for my own agrandisement.

This sort of "photo journalism" has always felt like one step away from Bum Fight.
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Oh no, I agreed with Polx on this one.

Let's make this guy's self-inflicted tragedy into some kind of poem so that others can see how sensitive we are.
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The only thing worse than committing suicide by shooting yourself in the face is attempting to commit suicide by shooting yourself in the face and living to tell about it. I used to work in a hospital, and took care of a kid who tried this with a shotgun (he said it was an accident, but since the shotgun was pointing up into his chin, I doubt it). He ended up with a tracheostomy, 3/4 of his jaw missing, and no nose.
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i'm sorry to hear that, tim and i'm glad you've managed to see the light of your own life. it's a comfort to realize you're not the only human on the planet with problems... my mom was murdered by my step-dad two years ago (followed by his own suicide) and i thought my own life was over. but when the days kept coming and i continued to wake up healthy and breathing i realized my life WASN'T over, and there was so much more to appreciate.

but what a great post! very interesting people out there with even more interesting stories. have a great day everyone!
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Tim, I'm sorry to hear about your friend but I'm glad that you're still here with us today. I agree with you that Paul's photos are fascinating.

It's disheartening to see that the Internet knee-jerk reactions of put downs and dismissals at work even on Neatorama, but there it is.
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"Oh no, I agreed with Polx on this one."

D'you know how on the internet people say LOL?

Well for once I actually did laugh out loud.
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"Steve" Dillon. Matt Dillon has a facial deformity of his own but I don't think he can draw.
But, yes, Arseface indeed - and please, please, please, I hope Hollywood makes that Preacher movie and gets Kevin for the role
a) Authenticity
b) Saves on make-up
c) Great publicity
d) That Kevin guy gets to see some money instead of some arsehole actor like Matt Dillon.
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I wouldn't even think of walking up to a stranger with a disability or disfigurement and asking them "what happened". Zollo should be ashamed of himself.
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I'd love to see a "Preacher" movie made, and at the same time, I fear it. I think they'd tone it down a LOT, for one thing. And Tulip would be turned into a simpering babe. But I would like to see Cassidy onscreen.
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