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Nazi TV

(YouTube link)

A clip of some rare and extremely creepy TV programming from Germany in the 1930s. For more, see an hour-length documentary on the subject, Television Under the Swastika. -via Metafilter

I dunno. The last guy was a little creepy with his musician allegory, but the rest of it wasn't creepy at all. Seems just like the kind of USO type stuff you'd find on U.S. television of the time, just in German and about Germany.
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Yeah, the first ones were just normal stuff. The last dude was the strange one.

Did they really have TV in Germany in the 1930's?

Wow, I just looked it up. I guess they did have limited TV back then.
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That looks like a neocons wet dream, how many Fox news viewers would love to see all those bicycle riding, gas shunning commie hippie anti-patriots sent for re-education?
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I know that, usually, the first person to compare their opponent to a Nazi automatically loses the argument in online political discussions.

What's the rule about the first moron who brings up any other political group when the subject is Nazis?
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That remind me...

George Costanza: "Did you see the way she was looking at me?"
Jerry Seinfeld: "She's a Nazi, George. A Nazi!"
George Costanza: "I know, I know. Kind of a cute Nazi though."

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Isn't it ironic that such'liberal'and tolerant people can become so nasty and ignorant about Germany.The Nazi TV is a fascinating technological artifact.A serious anti-smoking and fitness program,as well as the Volkswagen came out of the Strengh through Joy program.There was nothing ominous in "The Concert Camps',it was a place to go and learn about music,and instruments particularly for people of low income.Sorry,nothing gory for the American fools who excpect to see thngs like the Allied fire bombing of Germany,the nuing of Japan,napalming of Vietnam,and destruction of Bagdad.Examine yourself before being so snide and stupid.
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omfg amreican and nazi scum O_o run!! the teddiz are comeing my god your all under mind control getz away from ze computar =o the undead nazi and fallen amrecanas are comeing russia run fur yur life!!!!!!!!!! but damn was tat nazi hot i caint spellz!!!!
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