Star Wars Landspeeder by Daniel Deutsch

Photo: Daniel Deutsch

That's a full-size and driveable replica of Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder from Star Wars, built by Daniel Deutsch in his own garage:

We built this fiberglass replica landspeeder last spring from the ground up on a custom aluminum chassis. The electric drive system is capable of a top speed around 25 mph. The speeder is the same size as the original, and can travel several miles on a single battery charge.

Check out the "damaged" paint job on the Landspeeder. Excellent! - Thanks Richard Young!

Update 8/29/08 - Daniel Deutsch wrote to us about the Landspeeder:

The speeder was a collaborative effort. The body mold and windshield were produced in California, and then shipped here to Orlando. We then did the bodywork, chassis, and electronics. The side grills were waterjet cut from PVC, then spaced and stacked.

It has lighting effects in the engine pods that change with the sound during acceleration. I added a short video clip to my web gallery of the speeder being driven, there's also one of the engine pod lights. A few folks posted that they thought the pics were photoshopped, however it's most likely the fact that I use a fill-flash when taking outdoor shots. I am attaching an additional couple photos of the body mold, etc., for you to this email.

The entire speeder was built in six weeks, and was first revealed in Los Angeles at the Star Wars Celebration IV event (30th anniv.) in May 2007.

More photos:

Thanks again, Daniel!

Of all the SW "tribute" items people have built over the years, this is hands down the coolest one ever! Amazing attention to detail. The finished pics look so punchy and brilliant I almost thought it was a 'Shopped hoax, but the supporting pics pretty much prove its existence.
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My mind is blown. If i still had anything in my dome i would take a picture of my brain on the wall behind me.

Damn man, I said god damn.
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"I DARE meter maid to ticket this guy!"

Oh, you just wave your hand and go "This isn't the parking violation you're looking for...we can go about our business. Move along..."
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I've had a couple of people say they thought the speeder was photo shopped. It's most likely because of the fact that I use a fill-flash when taking the pics. If you'd like to see more without the flash, and a video of it driving, please check out my web gallery:
There is also a video of the engine light/ sound effects in the dark too.
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I have something of intrest to you,that deals directly with your project.I have been developing a drive for that thing for 30 years,and soon to go is a rather simple device,but nobody has invented it not another segway,but something bigger.please contact me if you are intrested.levitation is not so far away.i am engineering a solution for that car of yours.Thank you.
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