Deadly Cell Phone Text Ad

We all hate spam, but this particular text message advertisement from a debt management company turned out to be deadly:

A text advert from a debt management company may have led to a young man's death, an inquest heard.

Distracted John Daglish, 22, walked into the path of a car, seconds after receiving the message.

His mobile phone, which had been in his hand when he was struck, was found smashed on the carriageway beside him. His family revealed the text that flashed on his phone was an unsolicited ad from a debt company.


Are they assuming this wouldn't have happened if he'd received a real text message?

Text message adverts are irritating and unwanted, but they are NOT deadly. Being an idiot and walking without paying attention can be deadly.
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So, it's the spammers fault this kid looks down at his phone while walking into the street? Spammers suck. But so do parents who blame someone else for the dumb mistakes of their children.
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Deadly! Also deadly, if you are distracted by them when you should be watching the road: sparrows, sunlight, little babies, jolly ranchers stuck in your teeth, crazy ladies, floating plastic bags with strange grace, hunger pangs, and the entirety of one's memory and hopes for the future.
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Yeah, finally a family that isn't looking for someone to blame. Too bad the author of the article is exactly the opposite. Those ads are obnoxious, but obviously not "deadly". I guessed he was an epileptic from the headline.
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This guy was reading his text message and stepped out (not paying attention). . . so, had he been returning from his mailbox and glancing thru his mail (not paying attention) when we was struck, would the article about his death be implying that his death was a result of the USPS? C'mon.....
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Something makes me think the Daily mail has a lot of toner.

Yes I understand, and I think you are stupid in blaming them.
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