Sexy People Blog Documents Sublime, Perfect Portraits of Regular People

Like I often said, there's everything for everyone on the web. Like those who happen to like "the perfect portrait." This blog, with a tongue-in-cheek name of Sexy People, is dedicated to finding and displaying portraits of some strange ...

(L) Policeman: something's wrong with the proportion there (R) Hunting Season: hmm.

... but mostly ordinary people who just so happen to take "perfect portrait."

(L) Cousins - looks just like certain famous plumber duo (R) Zack: business up front ...

Check out the rest of the "Sexy People" here: Link [despite the name, it's SFW]

Remember a place in the 80's and 90's called Glamour Shots? They were in every mall in America. They could make anybody look DOWNRIGHT PURDY in no time. They poofed up your hair, painted your lips red and slapped some hugh earrings on ya. Then WHAM took a picture to capture the moment. Oh, I forgot the lace gloves. Queen for a day!
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@James B & Ashley

I don't know the significance of it, but the American flag on policemen and other 'military' forces the stars are always in the upper right. This is completely normal.
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this just in: people are ugly, filthy creatures who have to constantly smear themselves with perfume, cologne, deoderant, as their bodies leak and the smell of stink pours off them should they not properly contain it. Daily showers, feces, urine, look inside the body for even more disgusting actions.

The verdict is in: Humans are ALL filthy, rotton, disturbing wretches of moving flesh.
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I dunno...I've never been a fan of makng innocent people the butt of your joke. I just don't find this kind of thing funny. I find it mean-spirited. Why can't people just make fun of other people BEHIND their backs, the way God intended?
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