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A Wedding to Remember

It was a wedding to remember: the cake ... the party ... and the taser? Yep, here's a story of how some hard-partyin' newlyweds get to spend their
first night of wedded bliss in the county jail ...

"The crowd was trying to hold back the groom from mouthing off more, but finally he broke free, and they had to take him down," Sepic said of police. "He was heading for the officers. . . . Then the bride moved in and tried to interfere."

As the newlyweds struggled on the ground, a police officer used a Taser on Somora, 29, police said. Pastuszwska, 28, was holding her new husband tight, and was shocked as well, Skowron and authorities said.

"Imagine the kids and grandma seeing the bride and groom getting Tasered on the floor," said Skowron. "In my opinion, the police totally overreacted."

Link (Photo: Kacper Skowron / For the Sun-Times)

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Based on the info in the article, the police took the best course of action under the circumstances. Property was being destroyed, peace was being violated, and the groom tried to attack an outnumbered officer, then started fighting his wife. Without Tasers, the groom would have been shot, or had his bones broken with a baton.
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They do sound like a bunch of ill-behaved peasants, don't they? The trouble is that reporting (as anyone knows who's ever been reported on) is rarely balanced. Still - it's a fairly common response to flare up instead of calm down when you're told you're causing trouble.

Lots of adults just don't like being told they're being naughty. Actually, I suspect /no/ adults like it, but some handle it better than others.
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Pretty common wedding (or any other party event) among my West Virginia and Kentucky relatives.....

//that's why I moved away when I grew up.
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Go to hell, police. Tasers are what you use when you would have normally needed lethal force. Now they whip 'em out if somebody looks at them funny.
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It's very simple: when police or other law enforcement officials tell you to do something, just do it. If you get argumentative, belligerent, or violent, they're most likely going to arrest you and possible subdue you with force. If they're wrong, get a lawyer and sue--but do that later.
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If you read the comments on that story some of them are from people who claim to have been there and they tell a very different story.

I was just reading earlier about how biased reporting is and how everything is sensationalized.
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