New Trend in Beauty: Pre-Tween Waxing

The newest trend in beauty also happens to be one of the most disturbing: pre-tween waxing!

According to Wanda Stawczyk, who runs Wanda's European Skin Care, the number of young clients coming to her salon has skyrocketed - from just two in 1998, to more than 200 customers last year. Juanita Martin, manager of the swanky Juvenex Spa - best known for its celeb clients and late-night spa treatments - agrees.

"We're seeing younger kids coming to the spas with their parents," says Martin. She estimates that Juvenex waxed 10 child-clients, ranging from 8 to 10 years old, this year. That's compared to none five years ago. "I know other spas are also seeing younger children getting all sorts of treatments, like waxing," she says.

TriBeCa's Eden Spa waxed 20 pre-tweens last year.

"I have one customer who started getting her eyebrows waxed. She's 6 years old," says Eden's manager, Evette Jiang.


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My question is that where the hairs come from. I remember that when I was little ( under 10 years old) I hardly has any hair at all ( except on the head of course)
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Moodindigo brings a disturbingly valid point.
While we decry the people who exhibit this behavior, we should be looking at the root cause of this issue.

Self-esteem and self-image are undoubtedly important aspects of anyone's life. Unfortunately we live in a society where surface appearance matters. Pretty == Successful and Happy.

How many stories have we heard of people scarred for life because of some stray comment by a relative or classmate?

Perhaps instead of saying 'shame shame' we should be teaching everyone(adults and children) to 'accept accept'.
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I don't think it's so bad. Have you seen Madonna's daughter lately? Homegirl has been needing some tweezers for quite some time now! :D

(joke, sense of humor, etc.)
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Yikes. Just...yikes.

So by the time my daughter is born, we'll be seeing rhinoplasty for infants. And by the time she enters kindergarten, she'll be teased for not getting a bewb job yet...

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"Well, who wants a hairy six year old?"

Well I found the humor in that. I LOL'D right after I spewed coffee on my monitor, Keyboard and desk calender! :)

In reality, kids don't need this unless they are hookers. Young girls shouldn't be giving it away for free like their mothers did.

When they become adult is a different story. Hairless is ALWAYS better! 90% men prefer it is why the trend is going on.

Brazilian Rocks!
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That's scary! I'm already envisioning myself as a strict mother who will prohibit all sorts of early-age "beautification" techniques until my kid goes to college. What's more, I'm nowhere near having a kid!
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Arty, I feel just like you.

Boob jobs, waxing, plastic surgery and eating disorders are all symptoms of our low self-esteem. Now we see kids getting waxing and undergoing insane TV diets in order to feel accepted.

Jimbo, I wish men had Brazilian Waxing once in a while... so that they could understand how medieval it is. Really, people, it's insane.

I sometimes wonder how women ended up accepting such painful procedures in order to please their lovers. On the other hand, maybe it was women who gave them the idea of demanding waxing. It's ridiculously sad, either way.
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My friend Catherine gets a Brazilian quite frequently, just to have it done. Her boyfriend's been out of town for a month or two and she still gets waxed. She just likes it I think. She says it doesn't hurt, but I think that girl's a liar.
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While I do see this as disturbing, I also recall a woman I worked with some years ago whose daughter started shaving at the age of eight. The poor kid had legs hairier then most men. Imagine being eight and having that much body hair, you can just guess the names the kids called her.

In extreme cases, I couldn't blame parents for seeking this kind of treatment. But I also strongly doubt that more than 2% of these kids are like the girl above.

But, Mel have you spoken with anyone who does perform waxing for a living? A lot of men get Brazilian waxes, and it's not exactly a medieval deal. After the first time it's not painful. And women don't always do it to please their lovers. Personally, I prefer a Brazilian to anything else, and I really don't care what my husband thinks.
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donna, I'm sure your lap looks like you are petting the neighbors cat, and keep if it makes you happy. I was just pointing out that most men love their women with a Brazilian.

I would get a Brazilian in a heart beat if the wife wanted me to, but since I haven't seen hers in a few years, I will protest for now. :)

Brazilian Rocks!
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johzephine. I would have preferred it if you had said because it's morally despicable, depraved, or abominable rather than just "it's illegal".

Actually, this kid looks like she needs some lipo, too, or she'll never get to sing at the next Olympics.
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