New Prius survives high-altitude entry

Cool new commercial for the Toyota Prius by AB5TRAX. Via Notcot. Also amusing is this short ad by AB5TRAX for Mountain Dew.

*Previously: Prius stretch limo.

Isn't that Mew? I heart Mew. Car commercials are in one of the toughest leagues in advertising, and this looks like a win, but you all may disagree, perhaps.
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Can they do that in car advertising? If I were selling a vacuum cleaner and made up a clever CGI ad which showed the vacuum cleaner to be an intelligent transforming robot which went around the house vacuuming by itself - and it didn't, I'd get sued for false advertising. How is this different? If you're advertising a car that transforms into a dancing robot or a small briefcase, then better damn well be prepared to sell me one.
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Haha Unreal. The realm of the car advertisement is to sell you something that embodies your reason to buy a car, and madison avenue has had worse examples of that, like that ad for a truck that survives a meteor impact?

This is an ad for a responsible future. And this company's commitment to it.
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What they didn't show you at the end was the guy and his briefcase getting run over by that car he passed earlier. He probably shouldn't have parked at the top of a hill. Luckily, they got it on the first take.
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OK, ridiculous:

1. How heavy is that briefcase?
2. SR-71 Red?bird airlines does not stop at your destination? I have to jump? Then I still have to drive?

Make sure your helmet is properly secured, or that's going to be one nasty burn.

Commutes just got worse. ;-P

(Joking aside: I heard a statement by a U.S. auto guy[?] on NPR saying how changes in the economic environment affecting autos caught them by surprise. But the Japanese looked through their "Futurescope" and got to work on hybrid technology? Arguably nascent, their work puts them way ahead. Shame on you, Big Three.)
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