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The Best Flash Game Ever!

I don't even know. No, I serious this time! It's teh best game ever with lots of boss defeats. Joo Win! Next Mission, please!

The. Best. Flash. Game. Ever. Srsly. Link

Neatorama's stock just went down for me today... :( Sad.

I've suggested much better links in the past for this site, and you put up this drivel.

I posted this link, last week and it never got posted... much better neatorama material...
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shut up! i lovez it! hilarious! nice attention 2 deetail, too. on teh Fix Rocket level, I right-clicked on the items, and the menu included "Joo is cheatings". Very fun, not a game, just an experiment to see how much of a sense of humor you have.
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OSPerry, i agree it's pretty annoying when you find something you really like and it doesn't get posted. however i think i'd choose this game if it came down to it. i loved the joo is cheatings bit, lol good game.
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Hah, wow. Come on people. How long does it take you to figure out that different people have different tastes and different senses of humor? When are you going to realize that, just because you think something is stupid that Alex thinks is awesome, you are not automatically correct because your opinion is the joy-killer.

In fact, neither of you are correct. That's because there is something called an opinion. You may have heard of it before. However, this happens to be Alex's blog, not yours. It is going to be much closer to custom-fit to his sense of humor and interests than yours. This is something that happens on every website and I am really astonished that people insist on acting as if they didn't realize this. When you visit other people's blogs, it is not supposed to turn into a competition where everyone tries to convince everyone else that their opinion is right.

And jeez, what's with everyone accusing Alex of posting paid links. Didn't he just write a post saying that he REMOVED some ads because of the revenue generated from shirt sales? Don't you think he has enough respect for his readers to tell us if he were posting an ad? Other blogs do.

Come on, people. Relax a little. This is the internet.
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