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Anime Contact Lenses

Disproportionately big eyes are a hallmark of anime art and comics. Now, you too can sport the somewhat creepy big-eyed look with oversized contact lenses sold in Japan. In fact, you'll look altogether Photoshopped! Link -Thanks, JamesM!

The actual photos of the lenses show it to be normal sized, just anime'd out a little in color and design, and not unlike many lenses offered last year.
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There's a chick around town-- about my age-- And for the longest time I thought she had some tragic disease. Her eyes didn't quite buldge out of their sockets, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong with them, and why she was wearing hideous blue contacts on top of it all.

I saw these online about a month ago and sure enough I saw her again, and got a good close look.

Mystery of horribly deformed eyes solved: she was Wapanese. Well, Wispanic, actually; and unless you peel your eyes wide-open like those models do? The results are distinctly virulent-looking.
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I kind of like them. They'd be a good accessory for cosplay geeks just like the vampire, cat and other lenses for costumes

If people wear them as their daily lenses, especially if they have perfect vision that would be a little weird. But otaku are often more than a little weird
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Unbelievably disturbing. That's freaky spooky crud. They make a cute girl look like an alien. And I don't like aliens. No sir, I don't like 'em.
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What I see is a pretty girl with cool contacts. People here who say it's creepy haven't seen those really eye-modifying ones. :P

These are just coloured lenses...
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I think it's cool... Not for everyday though. Overall, it's a cool new way of self-expression and great props for the Halloween and Cosplay conventions ;)
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Some people don't buy contact lenses just for the sake of fashion, and actually need them. For example, those who have eye diseases that affect the focus of light or those who may have had injuries to their eyes have less choices available to them.
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Me need them me need them now in that exact colour omg I just love them im gonna go round that girl in the pictures house and steel them mwaaahahahaha!

WAPANESE! 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS:They would so stick out in my jet black hair it will look awsomwe!!!! XD
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These look like regular colored lenses. They might be the sclera lenses which have a diameter of 22.0, significantly larger than "regular" contact lenses which have a diameter of somewhere between 14.0 to 15.0. These lenses are usually available with and without power, so anybody can wear them. However, in the US, it's required to get a prescription before you can order them.
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I like them a lot..i think they are cool looking..not overly creepy >.> like some can really be. Hell id even get a pair of those instead of regular contacts -goes and buys them despite what the trolls say- lalalalala
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