What is it? Game 72

Today's collaboration with What is it? blog brings us this strange gadget - can you tell us what it is for?

First person who guessed right will win a free Neatorama T-shirt of their choosing - if no one gets it right, then the funniest guess will win. Contest rules are simple: place your guess in the comment section. One guess per comment, please, but you can add as many as you'd like. Please post no URL, let others play.

For more clues, check out What is it? Blog. Good luck!

Update 8/8/08 - here's the answer: "This tool was used for holding either a lamb's leg (14th photo from the top) or a drumstick from a roasted fowl.

Congratulations to montyhaul, who got it right first!

I would guess it's either a holder of something, like candles, mentioned earlier. Or, it is a meant as a lever component. These two are merited by the handle-like thing at one end, at the other end is a clamp. So... my guess is it's a holder-of-something.

Or, you know. It's part of a lightsaber.
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This device would have been used, possibly originally in Germany, for the interrogation of alleged criminals. It would be inserted into a body cavity and tension would be released expanding the arms within said body cavity. Ouch!
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some kind of root vegetable thrower. like at carnivals. they would attach potatoes or what have you then try and see who could fling the potato furthest past the line using this device.

or it's a citrus press.
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I think Alex is right, it's a speculum. Doesn't actually look a whole lot different from what they're using in the office these days... minus the screw...
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It's a french instrument called "Pince à Gigot". Sorry, i'm french so, it's a little hard for me to explain : you put it one the bone of a lamb or other animal leg in order to cut it more easily.
but i think a picture will explain it better :

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It's a Kinky! There's nothing non-kinky that this thing can't be used for. Ever wonder where the adjective Kinky came from? Look no further. This is a Kinky, possibly one of the original kinkies. Oh you can take this thing around the block, if that's your thing, or just leave it where it is and all your friends will know about your "proclivities". I can't find my original Proclivity. It's kind of like a Kinky, but with TWO handles, instead of one. You can take it TWICE around the block, if you wish.
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A 'Mefshal' or pig's tail straightener. Ancient Uzbek customs likened the pig to devil worship because of their winding tail. Before slaughtering a hog for consumption the tail was 'straightened'and the swine was ritually killed by a Precholphus, a butcher who was also an ordained preist. The only place in the world where you can still get Uzbek 'cleansed' pork in Queens, New York City.
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