Your Ideas for the Fun-O-Meter?

Remember the Idea Machine / Fun-O-Meter / Funulator story we posted on Neatorama before? Jake Bronstein of Zoomdoggle, the originator of the whole thing is now asking YOU, dear Neatorama readers, for ideas.

The idea (heh!) is to suggest fun things that can be done right now - anything, really - Jake's favorites include combing your hair like Donald Trump (he has the diagram), take a high jump picture (like this how-to he wrote), and so on.

So. Here's your chance: what fun ideas would you suggest to Jake for his next installment of the Fun-O-Meter?

-built a fort
-buy a mad lib book and do them (using words such as fartknocker, boobs, butthole, ballsack, etc. of course)
-have a burping contest with a friend
-walk around down yelling 'braaaaiiinnnss!!!'
-learn a schuhplattling dance
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-Go play in the fountains at Columbus Circle at night with a friend (then take a shower because bums pee in there)

-Ride a subway and move between cars while it's moving. You'll feel like Indiana Jones!

-Try to casually enter tourists pictures, and make a subtly odd face toward the camera.

This is assuming he's still in nyc.
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Well, what I did right now was really dig around in the links you posted. I went to the high jump page, then to the Facebook album Jake linked on one of his pictures, then to the other pages of the album with the pictures Jake didn't include. Here's a gem:

Things you could do right now:
Blow a raspberry
Grab someone's butt (two scoops)
Scratch yourself all over
Stretch your eyes
Throw the change in your pocket on the ground as hard as you can and yell something like "Damn kangaroos!"
Take a homeless guy out to lunch or order them a pizza
Draw a mustache on your finger for instant 'stache on the go
Imagine you're a whale or a cop car
Profile suspects
Mail something cool to someone you don't know
Whistle a song in the highest register possible
Lowly hum a buzzing sound and make up responses as to what that noise is when people ask
Take crotch shots of yourself or your friends (I think Jake already hit on that one)
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Buy a newspaper, read the comics and do the crossword puzzle

compliment a stranger

if youre wearing a tie, loosen it. If not wearing a tie, pretend you are and loosen it

pull up your socks
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- Hug the nearest friendly dog
- Read a book beneath a tree
- Flip through a catalog and play the "What would you order if you could/had to order ONE item on each page?" game
- Learn to spin a pen around your fingers
- Alphabetize your books, pantry items, things in your glove box - anything that CAN be alphabetized
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Building on stormie24's idea, dress like a hippy and carry around a cardboard sign reading, "FREE HUGS."

When someone takes you up on the offer, finish by whipping a score sheet out of your pocket and ask the person to rate your hug.
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-Walk sideways for 5 minutes or so
-Buy a cactus
-Ride the subway and stare at one person the entire trip. Be far enough away so they won't approach you, and if they look at you look away.
-Pretend you're in the middle of a rodeo
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