Recreating a Super Aussie Burger

Griffin attempted to replicate, and even improve upon, a Super Aussie Burger.
I bought half a kilo of bacon, half a kilo of cheese, six eggs, lettuce, 3 tomatoes, an onion, beetroot, sesame seeds, mustard and ketchup, from Coles, the 4kg of mince from Fine Freddys' Meats again, and flavourings from my own kitchen. Total cost of the items bought was about $58.

It's the second project of the Giant Burger Project. Link -via Unique Daily

"... 4kg of mince ..."

For the majority of readers here (e.g., Americans), who don't understand what the above phrase means ...

"4kg" = four kilograms = 8.82 pounds.

"mince" = ground beef (in many nations of the British Commonwealth).
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AnUnSi - I like to think that the average Neatorama reader could guess the meaning from context. Even if we are American.

Homer J: 9000 g of cholesterol would be impressive, seeing as how the burger only weighs 6000 g to begin with...
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This kind of thing doesn't make me smile. It makes me think about what kind of (barbaric) society we must be that we are so flippant about gorging ourselves and wasting food. It makes me sad that we have so little respect for the living, breathing, feeling creatures that went through hell so that someone could saunter on down to the market and pick up cheese and eggs and flesh to write up a funny web article about building a big burger. Oh, the humanity!
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Wow, what a big burger. I could never eat this, it far too much for me. I think when you eat that burger, you won't have to eat anymore the whole day. But it's a great idea to create such a burger, I think. I wonder how many calories this burger has.
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