Questions NOT to Ask in a Job Interview

Times are tough - and if you're looking for a new job, Look at This blog has a nice tip for you: the 10 questions you should NOT ask in a job interview.

Here are a few:

10. What's your company's policy on severance pay?

9. How long does it take your company's bureaucracy to get around to firing somebody for poor performance?

8. Do you have a random drug testing policy?

7. Does your company's life insurance cover suicide?

Link - via Land-O-Links

I'm reminded of a story I heard once about someone applying for a job for some city government. While filling out the application, he asked about how honest he should be about work history. He was told to be honest, and continued to fill out the application. Upon reviewing the application later, the hiring manager found that the previous history contained nothing but the words "Drug diller(sic)".

Needless to say, he didn't get too much further than that.
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We just interviewed a P.T. Office Assistantt who wore her earbuds during the interview.

'It' okay, I can hear you', she said confidently :-)

Here's an idea for a future story.
What are the strangest job interviews you've had.
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By the way, nearly all life insurance policies do cover suicide, but only when the policy's been in effect for two years or more.

In case you were wondering.
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8. Do you have a random drug testing policy?

That is a question that I ALWAYS ask.

If the company says yes, then I walk .. it's nobodies business but my own, and any company that thinks it can do that to me, doesn't get my services.
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10. ??????????????
9. ???????????????????
8. ???????????
7. ????????????
6. ????????????????????
5. ??????????????
4. ????????????????????
3. ????????????
2. ??????????????????
1. ????????????????

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