Goats on the Roof

Neatorama reader Bruno and friends went camping at Lake Rabun, Georgia, and ran across this charming little country souvenir store/grocery called "Goats on the Roof." As you can guess, the store got its name from the actual goats that live on the roof. (Yes, the roof has grass, bridges, a few goats, a huge bunny and a rooster) - Thanks Bruno!


Here be a FAQ from Al Johnson's Swedish restaurant in Door County, WI, that also features goats on the roof. Such probing questions include:
Do the goats ever fall off the roof?
Do you have to mow the roof?
Yes just like a lawn.
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The website for the Old Country Market (better known as Goats on the Roof) in Coombs, BC is: http://www.oldcountrymarket.com/index.html

They make a great kitchen sink omelette.
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I pass by this place every time I drive to Asheville from Atlanta. Kountry folk sure are ingenius!! I mean really, why not goats on a roof? Where are you going to find THIS in the city!?!
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@ Lelielle
(They have goats living on the roof of a small town called Coombs in B>C> Canada)

So, what do you want?...................A cookie?

The devil also went down to Georgia,
But when he went, they had a "Fiddler on the Roof"!
............Named Yohnny
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@ Barbwire
(There was a nursery in Manhattan Beach CA that had a dog living on the roof)

Thats because from the elevation of the roof, the dog can lift his leg and piss on every tree in the whole nursery................All at once!

Just think, when you were there shopping for Queen Palms, you thought it was raining cats & dogs.
But it was just dogs'......................piss!
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