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Caption Monkey 37: Giant Zucchini!

Today's Neatorama and Hobotopia's Caption Monkey game is special ... it comes from my own garden!

A few weeks ago, my wife Tiffany planted a zucchini plant in our backyard ... and promptly forgot about it. Today, she discovered something strange about it. It has been very hot in Santa Clarita, California, so a lot of her plants didn't make it - but this one not only lived ... it also grew a humongous zucchini!

Just how big is it? Here's the Zuc posing with our son 7-month-old son Zach:

... and our 2-year-old daughter Maddy:

So, for today's Caption Monkey game, we have two prizes: One funny caption (chosen by Adam) will win an original comic by Adam "Ape Lad" Koford from the recent archive fo the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats, and another funny caption (chosen by me) will win a free Neatorama T-shirt.

Contest rules are darn simple: place your caption in the comment section. One caption per comment, please, but you can enter as many funny ones you can think of. Saying that my kids are cute will earn you good will, but won't necessarily win you the prize, mmkay?

Good luck!

Update 8/6/08 - A little prize confusion here (sorry, only one winner and the prize is the free shirt) - the winner is TripleX, with this caption:

Our plan to destroy all vegetables by peeing in the garden backfired terribly, my young brother…

Unless ignoring the fodes of children....what can anyone say?

Ok, what kids?, where?, I remember a British (music hall?) song about "I've never seen one as big as that before". I remember as a youngster singing it (no doubt picked up from the 2 Ronnies, or Binny Hell etc). I'm sure my parents found it funny (stop running I will find you one day).
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That's either one humongous zucchini, or you have somehow managed to shrink your kids to such a size that the zucchini looks huge modelled next to them!!
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Larfin, the tune you're thinking of is "Oh, what a beauty" I think it was refering to the size of a over-size marrow.
I shall now go outside and stay there.
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"your making your son and me..very uncomfortable..very.. just look at the poor fella's face.. you should see mine in comparison". *sighhhhh*

your kids are cute...did i win did i win im jus doing this for the good sport lol
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Maddy: "tana nanana nanananan nanananan annananna tanannana nanan..Ohh o_0 ..yea i got bigger teddys then this..i dont want him anymore;p"
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This isn't a caption, but I would like to suggest zucchini "burgers" with that bad boy.
My friend had one like that last year and we had the best meal as a result. Just cut it into 1/2 to 1" slices, cook them on the barbecue and serve like you would a regular hamburger. They're the best topped with cheese.

I'm so jealous, they're amazing like that.
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"The zucchini would bide its time, earning the children's trust, learning the lay of the land. And when the family turned its back... Operation Tossed Salad would begin in earnest."
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Pic 2 : Daddy, are you really eating 5 veggies a day???!!!
Pic 2 : I've always said living next to a nuclear power plant had some advantages!

out of contest comment : yes they're cute ;)
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For the first picture:

"Once the castaways were finally rescued, the search party found one last radioactive vegetable, the consumption of which caused the Skipper to temporarily sprout bunny ears."
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Going Green: Toy industry giants Mattel and Wiffle Ball Inc. have recently introduced their new lines of environmentally friendly (and completely edible!) playthings. Pictured here are the Wifflechini Bat and Life Sized Mr. Zucchini. Perishable? Yes. But fun while they last!
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Yeah, cute kids. And be sure to core that baby before cooking it - the core gets woody when they're that big.


First photo: "Dun-Dun-DU-U-U-U-UNNNN!"
Second photo: "O hai! I got squashed."
Third photo: "Organic dollie? FAIL"
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Thank you for the zucchini burger suggestion! That's an awesome idea. I have been trying to figure out what to do with this thing. I had toyed with the idea of giving chunks of it out as party favors. Maddy does have her birthday party this weekend. What?? You don't think little kids would appreciate a wedge of zucchini in with their playdough and bubbles??
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PIC 1:

"What the deuce? I specifically requested a Neatorama shirt - not an oversized zucchini derived from the dirt. Blast you, woman!"

PIC 2:

Maddy, once again, saves the day by subduing the Godzilla of zucchinis that rampaged out of the the clover field.
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"Huge zucchini...cutting off...circulation to my...underdeveloped legs..."


Maddy and her zucchini partner wow the judges with their mad ball room dancing skillz.
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Zach [looking at his face and the zucchini]: " are you thinking what im thinking?"
zucchini: taking over the world?..*narff*
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- So you think you can dance?
Look we are doing salsa!!

hahah get it salsa? lol i know salsa has no zucchini ..but we can start :P and yea ill stop with the 100 comments now :)
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2nd pic.

3rd pic.
Let me take this away from you before you hurt yourself.

3rd pic.
Mommy, when will i be GREEN??

2nd pic.
My name is GORDI(Star trek)

3rd pic..
They grow them THIS BIG..

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Maddy pic:

“I love my new cabbage patch doll! Wait a minute … this isn’t a cabbage patch doll! This isn’t even cabbage!!!!”
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Your kids are adorable! There's nothing cuter than chubby baby legs and toddler girls in hats. I dunno what to say about that zucchini other than you might want it tested for radiation.

~a Mommy
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Picture 1 :"Finally, the proof. They are among us. They have been hiding in our soil..., until one alien got horny"

2 and 3: "Thanks Dad for making sure I will need years of therapy in my future... and you HAVE to take a picture, uhm?"
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No caption to add - just wanted to say that all suggestions so far are basically crap. And as for you saddos who couldn't resist resorting to 'my that's a big one' type "humor"... GET A GRIP.


The best by far is "even days after the blast, they were still finding pieces of the incredible hulk.", and that's still crap. "Mommy!!! A dinosaur pooed in the garden!" is almost funny, though. Keep on trying!

Oh yeah. OK. They're cute.
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Pic 2: I know you guys don't want me putting things in my mouth, but seriously, this is the bottom of the barrel for "safe" toys.

Pic 3: If I plant this right here, we should be living inside a giant zucchini by the end of the year. And I'll finally have my own room!
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