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Got a Blog? Come Tell Us About It!

Part of the fun in writing for Neatorama is all the blogs I get to visit in search for posts. In three years of editing this blog, I've looked at and bookmarked quite a bit of blogs - but call it blogging fatigue, time-crunch or whatever, I realize that I've actually been regularly visiting only a small fraction of them. And I've come to realize how much I miss discovering new gems on the Web.

So, in the spirit of renewal, I'd like to ask you to introduce you and your blog: what it is all about and why we should all visit. I promise to visit (often if your blog is good!) ... and who knows, you'll probably see your blog featured on Neatorama!

Update 7/28/08 - Wow! That's great, you guys! It'll take me a while to go visit everybody's blogs but I definitely will. Please keep 'em coming (yes, shameless plugs are all right in this post). I noticed that some comments are caught by Neatorama's spam filters (Akismet and our secondary filter) - if your comment doesn't appear in several hours, please email me and I'll manually add your blogs to the ever-growing list.

Well, my blog is a collection of the greatest stuff that's out there, when it comes to music, art and or advertising. From time to time, it gets invaded by robots or I'm shamelessly plugging my book. So check it out from time to time ;)
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I started a blog not that long ago (I will hit 50 posts later today), essentially to share stuff that I have found with my friends. It's not much but hey, a plug is a plug! :)
It's called plinx because my name is Paul and they're my links. It was a working title that has stuck.
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found by Pat is my site. It sprang from the emails I sent to my friends. Not like all that bad joke stuff. Useful interesting information. A friend told me I should start a blog and so I finally did.

It is growing steadily and I love doing it. Check it out. I think you will like it and find it a great source.
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My blog is about the custom carved signs that we make.

The interesting thing this month, is that we are having a contest for a free carved sign!
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I enjoy photography. My blog is a document of the lifestyle in NZ. Mostly food and wine, interesting events, discoveries of funnies, and my obsession of my cat, Monty. She actually plays fetch:
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My blog (actually I've got 3, they are connected though) is in spanish but many of the contents are audiovisual and in english, or not difficult to understand...

Mandelrot: ( is the main page, interesting things from Internet or RealWorld.

El Lado Malo ("the naughty side"): ( here are those things I can't publish in a serious magazine :-p

Thanks for this great idea!
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"Micaman's Thoughts" is written in Portuguese, although I've managed to link to Google's translation services for my blog to be available in other languages. Hi-tech news, hilarious videos, strange facts, images, jokes and all kinds of information that I find interesting. Give it a try:
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A site collecting the most entertaining and provocative advertising from around the world. It has been featured on Neatorama previous and it would be great to see it there again.
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Hi! Long time lurker, first time commenter, jumping in on the chance for a shameless plug ;)

I started last November as a hardcore gaming type site, but quickly lost interest in that and now we tend to cover random geeky stuff we find all over the internet (there are 5 of us regularly contributing).

If you like the kind of random stuff you see on Neatorama, Boing Boing, Technabob etc. then you'd probably like the kind of stuff that we cover!
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I don't have time to write that often but I'm a born-again Christian who doesn't always espouse the views of my fellow brethren.

I tend to offend both Christians and non-Christians with my views, but I mostly want people to think and see things from the other perspective.
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Hello hello hello. My blog is about food, pure and simple, in all its global glory. From home grown fruit and veg to eating new and rubbery bits of pig in Thailand - It's all there. I hope you like it.
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In the middle of turning my blog from your average personal/linkdump into a personal project blog, featuring my photos, DIY projects and following the building im doing of a city for LARP.
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My blog was inspired by a game I play with my kids whenever we are in the car, "I Spy with my little eye...". The name of the site is

The blog is basically a place for me to record and share all the stuff I find on the web that I find interesting. From neat gadgets to stunning photography to amazingly useful websites to interesting videos, a little of it all really. I do find a lot of amazing things on a regular basis.

I must admit a lot of the best stuff I find I usually find here at This site is my first, middle and last stop on my daily rounds.

My internet life would be a lot less bright without Neatorama in my day.
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Collection of The most memorable moments in modern Civilization and the extreme emotions Human kind shows during certain events - good and bad

Very difficult to explain - has to be read to fully understand
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What a great way to find new blogs, and get your readers active! I enjoy Neatorama; I often find things through your blog that I link to and that really interest me.

I'm an avid reader, book-a-holic, and write teen fiction. My children's/teen book blog showcases all things books, with a focus on children's and teen fiction.

You can find detailed book reviews; author & illustrator interviews; links to gifts for book lovers; printable bookmarks; book and word art; information about what movies are coming out based on children's and teen books; children's and teen book news; book promotion; info about ebooks; and more.

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My blog is a mix-match of Asian culture, lifestyle, entertainment, travel and general news.

My blog posts have featured on Neatorama once in a while, particular from the discovery section...
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I have a blog in spanish language ( Is about technology, computers (basically linux), music (because i work in a little label) and other freak things.
Usually i post neatorama posts, translating to spanish amd writing the original adress (trackback to Neatorama). Sorry for my english.

And, of course, thanks and congratulations for your work!!!!!!
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My personal Blog

is just sort of a journal where I talk about my day-to-day mundane stuff, and review movies/tv shows/albums/concerts/books/etc. that I've seen/heard/read. Some cool links (which I mostly steal from Neatorama) are usually thrown in for good measure.

Also, I'm attempting to take one picture every day for a year, to see if my photography improves and as something (sort of) challenging to do. You can see my daily picture at

Thanks for the opportunity to give myself a free plug!
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All about the most beautiful women in the world from the past half century.

See how the standards of universal beauty has changed over the decades.
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My blog is written in Spanish as I am from Spain.
The title is "La esperanza sigue en los proles". The translation could be something like "If there is hope, it still lies in the proles". It a reference to Orwell's 1984.
I write about different topics.
In the sidebar I use to post curious stuff, usually from neatorama.
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Everyone check out Curious? Read...

It's a collection of the most interesting news stories, updated daily!

Jon Boy
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My Dutchnid blog started out as a Wargaming (table top) blog but ended up as the blog I drop everything that pops up, holiday pics, funny things I come across or things that just plain annoy me..and now and then a wargaming post pops up.

Next to that I run I review soundtracks and scores. Often a big source for new music for me and hopefully for others.
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We have a daily blog at which talks about computer and software discoveries; it's just bite sized items, a few per day:
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I'm American, but living in Scotland with three guinea pigs, three hamsters and a Scottish husband.
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Not much there yet, because I just moved, but I'm an American living in Australia for the next year and decided to blog my photos and weird stories.
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Hey Neatoramos!

My blog is and I usually post things that I find across the web in Neatorama and Presurfer and then translate it or tell it in my own words in Portuguese. My idea is to help those few who don't get a word of english. On some other days I post the music I like or the things that are on my mind...

Now it's filed with pictures of my recent trip to London but now that I'm back home normal blogging will ensue!
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My blog is the funcaptain

In its English version it is just about a year old, the German version should hit the 3 year mark soon.

It is a collection of the odd and bizarre things the captain finds when surfing the oceans of data. Come along and check it out.
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I post random things I find on the web (yup, some from here!), song lyrics, poems and quotes that I like, some rants from my daily life and lots of dreams that I've had. I have extremely bizarre dreams and my blog was a way of keeping them journaled.
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I'm all aflutter. Just imagining Neatorama checking out my blog feels like a brush with celebrity.

My blog is called Juggling Frogs and it can be found at:

Thanks for asking! I'm looking forward to checking out lots of new blogs from the comments, too.
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Okay. Why not? Based on my site stats alone, one would think I fired up the site to be one-stop shopping for people looking for "hillbilly sex" (What do they hope to find? Don't answer that.) or, oddly, "hillbilly socks" (See previous parenthetical queries.) but that isn't the actual purpose of Hillbilly, Please, so neither will be found there.

(You'd be amazed at how often people search for hillbilly things. And it turns out that referencing Madelene Kahn will bring a surprising amount of traffic as well. But I digress.)

I probably had lofty goals in the beginning but those were quickly replaced with my compulsion to quote books and articles on science/culture/language, link to random bits of oddness, post photos, and instigate scattershot activities such as a sort-of-probably-destined-to-be-annual Sandwich Party.
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The unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long.. we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

art|love|rock|cherry pie >>

Thanks for visiting us! May you live forever, in song, story, fable and myth and may your life be as sweet as a Peshwari naan bread.
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My blog is mainly personal, family events, funny happenings, etc... I also post sweet videos I find, cute animal pictures and stuff pertaining to my favorite sports teams. We are a Military family and I like making sure all of our family and friends that are spread out can "see" a piece of our life.
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I'm an American expat living in Northern Spain. My posts range from Spanish foods, to small town life, to my new Spanish family-by-marriage, to American politics, to religion, to timelapse photography, landscape panoramas, computer programming tips...just about anything that catches my fancy.

Plus, I'm currently taking part in a personal project called Lottery Year, where I play the Spanish lottery every week in 2008 and track my progress, showing how my pre-calculated odds are pretty accurate. Nerdy, but fun.
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Mine's been going for nearly two years and consists of a random assortment of restaurant reviews, book quotes, travel notes and anecdotes about life as a British expat in Belgium.
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Laser Pants

is a collection of things that delight, perplex, or annoy, plus FlurkrFinds, which are intriguing photos I find by randomly hitting Flickr throughout the day.
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I don't know if I should throw my hat in this ring since Neatorama is awesome enough to link to theWAREHOUSE occasionally already. But my website (not a blog, really) is over here:

Don't forget to check out the regularly updated comics and the forum!
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My blog is personal, and was initially created for my family and friends back home when I left the States. It's got a few rants and some fun video on it, and I doubt it would be of huge interest to anyone that doesn't know me, but if you want, click on my name for a peek.
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I write a blog about my experiences as a Kiwi (person from New Zealand) living in London. Hardly a unique point of view as there are thousands of here using London as a base for seeing more of the the world. When in London I put a few of the things I am up to on the blog but when I travel I write a daily blog about the things I experience. To date I have backpacked 81 countries (not all of them are blogged sadly) in the last 10 years. My goal is 100 :)
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Sotto Voce is the relaxed flip-side of my freelance writing business. I'm a typecaster, part of a small group of people who blog on typewriters and post the scanned pages. Whatever happens to catch my fancy looks a lot more interesting (or crazy) when it's written about on a typewriter...
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Pictures taken solely with my camera phone - a Sony-Ericsson w810i. I think they're pretty good. It's not been updated as much lately, but I hope to keep adding to it.

And no pesky text to read!
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Hey Alex; thanks for asking! I've noticed my browsing has tended to get a bit narrowly focused lately, and this gives me a bunch of fresh places to visit.

As for my blog, it's nothing spectacular, just stuff that I find interesting on the web or in real life and take the time to write about (and take the time to actually finish writing and get it to the point where I think it's ready for public consumption.) Cars, bikes, energy, politics, family, work, computers, whatever. Pretty random, but... What were we talking about? Oh yeah! My ADD-riddled blog...

/shameless plug
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I use my blog to post journal comics that I draw about my life. At the moment, I have a small following, but would love for more folks to read them. I'm also nearing #400, which is kind of cool! So there's plenty to see over at MyLifeComics!

Come check me out. :D
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My blog is a personal blog in which I discuss issues related to adopting 3 boys (age 11, 8 and 4), random things that happen, random observations, etc. In short, it's the same blog everyone else has out there - just with different cast members. :)
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I was going to email the powers that be at Neatoland to suggest other peoples favourites blogs...but this is close enough.

For that daily dose of WTF:

ps: Ok, I don't have a blog as being in MI5 and all....
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Well I'm game. I think the best part of our site is the comments our readers make. We've got some funny friends! .... 'where our wasted time becomes your wasted time'...
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I am too tired to add any more as I just got back from alcohol fuelled visit to an art deco exhibition at the NGV in Melbourne, OZ

Well worth checking out if you are in Melb up until the 5th of the 10th of the 2008th.

Will post some more of favourite time wasters later.
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Ok, 2nd last and then bed

I do intend to check out all the blogs posted. Maybe I should do a blog of cool blogs? I know someone has already done it...who has the link?
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My website, which has been online for more than 12 years, is DrewVogel.COM ( -- it contains stuff about my life, which I think is pretty interesting. I think you will too. Check it out.
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My father and I maintain a blog that chronicles all of the funny things the media has to say about global warming. Regardless of whether or not climate change is happening, the media and politicians sure come to some interesting conclusions.

Global Warming Follies
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This isn't so much of a blog as it is a webcomic with random articles thrown in about everything from comics to video games. It officially came online July 20th, and was started by a couple of friends of mine. It looks to be promising. The link is so please go check it out!
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My blog has been updated very little in the past 12 months compared to 2004-2006, or so. Instead, I have been updating my Google Shared Items when something interests me. I only have to write a line, if that, so it sames me a lot of time.

I share a lot of neatorama, but a lot of other stuff along the same lines. It might be interesting to neatorama to see what a neatorama fan likes other than neatorama. :)
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Well, my blog is called Bill Crider's Popular Culture Magazine. It has book reviews, movie reviews, gator and croc updates, movie trailers, and whatever else interests me. It often hat-tips Neatorama (so thanks for posting).
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My blog is alright. It's just my musing on things I find interesting- so some stuff about cinema, music, news, politics, international politics, my own life, etc. It's a pretty eclectic collection of things to write about. That's why it's Like an old sox with holes, my ideas are endearing or completely useless.
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My website is called The Sly Oyster, and it's all about culture and entertainment. Pretty much anything goes, it's great for staying abreast with your world.

The Sly Oyster
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I used to have a blog @ Xanga. But I grew tiresome of it and besides...the weirdos always seemed to be attracted to me for some reason. ;)

However, I am planning instead after getting a DSLR for my birthday to start a flickr photoblog with a chance of me connecting it to a proper artist blog. Especially, now that I am going to be moving to Downtown Toronto at the end of August. :D
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D'oh! I almost forgot to mention that I also am on Facebook. So if folks wanna hit me there I'd love to meet all the Neatoramanauts out there!
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First off, I will be going through this list looking for new reads. Very cool.

I have two blogs and one site.

The blogs. - Just an every other day blog about stuff. It started as a way for my parents to see pictures of their grandkids, but I've done other things with it. - Used to be a project where people could send me a photo or a name and I'd draw them a 5x7 robotized version and do a video of it being drawn. Interest waned so now I just post from the 700 Robots list on Flickr and the current Robot a Week Challenge.

Finally, - It has a blog and a ning site as well, it's a charity art project and it's getting ready for it's second volume. I only use the blog to talk about things related to the project, but that does include interviews. The most noteable being Adam Koford who's done some work for contests here.

C'est ca.
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Hey Guys,

I think you do pass by from time to time, but it can't hurt to leave it anyways :)

Geeks are Sexy is a group blog expressing the voices of many IT professionals. The blog is about anything geek and technology related..

And why you should visit? Well, just because of the name of course! :)

Geeks are Sexy Technology News
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I started Picdit about 8 months ago, and the blog has been going strong until this very day. I created the blog for one reason only, to post the stuff I found was interesting, while surfing the web. That means: design, architecture, gadgets, you name it. Basically saying, the things are totally awesome in this world. I’m trying to find a lot of the new stuff, so if you go back into the internet archives, you won’t the pictures here…. over there.
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TYWKIWDBI (pronounced TAI-WIKI-WIDBY) is an acronym for "Things You Wouldn't Know If We Didn't Blog It," a collection of trivialities, ephemera, curiosities, and exotica -

I use it as a repository for all the neat stuff I'd like to read, listen to, or see if/when I lose my short-term memory from Alzheimers; then I'll just visit the blog every day (if I can remember where to find it...)
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You've been kind enough to link to my blog a number of times, causing my stats to skyrocket albeit briefly. Nag on the Lake has been described in the media as a grab bag blog, a magpie blog and an eclectic buffet. I guess those words could describe yours as well.
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I have a site called Hanzi Smatter,

The theme of the site is to point out incorrect translation of Chinese & Japanese in non-Chinese & non-Japanese speaking areas. There is a large collection of tattoos of foolish individuals unknowingly decorated their bodies with gibberish.

It is a site dedicated to schadenfreude.
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I have a blog that mixes reviews and the passing of internet bile. It tastes of sarcasm and cherry drops.

There's also a bit about vagrants that I don't bother writing anymore. Have a look at it. It's brilliant.
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Another media aggregate at

Stop by for a daily dose of WTF, updated all day (but only workdays).
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