Science Shirts

Check out this wonderful selection of t-shirts showing the great things you can do with science! Link -via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Too bad it's an offshoot of "Teach the Controversy" which is an ad-campaign funded by the Discovery Institute to promote the pseudo-science Intelligent Design. Ironic that the apparel company the Discovery Institute chose also makes shirts purporting their love for science.
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Howdy alpha.helix, this is Jeremy, creator of Science! and Teach the Controversy. Sarcasm can sometimes be hard to deliver on the internet, so I might be misreading your comment, because it read to me like you think I am actually pro-Discovery Institute.

I assure you I am not in any way in league with them, and that my line of Teach the Controversy shirts is meant to be entirely sarcastic and anti-ID.

If your comment itself was meant to be sarcastic, then I suppose I just fell for the bait and got double sarcasm bluffed =)

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hmmmm...sarcasm is difficult indeed. I humbly withdraw my previous comment as no sarcasm was intended and I'm apparently misinformed. I did indeed think you were in league with DI, but I apologize for that gaffe as well. So, I applaud your anti-ID efforts, and I'll be sure to pick up a shirt!

Go Science!
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My personal favorite is the "Prank Heaven". I got that one and the clone machine shirt. I've already had comments on the "Prank Heaven". Actually, it was more of a confused look after I gave him a better view. I think he may have not known whether he was supposed to be offended or not.
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