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Frozen Cat

Stunned & Frozen Cat ! - video powered by Metacafe

This is one strange cat. It looks like it's in some sort of trance or seizure but it reacts to physical touch. I also noticed that it doesn't blink either. Then, all of a sudden, up it goes as if nothing was. Weird.

Source: Metacafe

*waits for inevitable "catatonia" jokes*

Thing is--all jokes aside--there are two forms of catatonia, and this cat is displaying almost classic examples of the stupor type. Check it out:

I've seen footage of people in this condition, and it's downright eerie. They'll be doing perfectly fine, and then something will cause them to just freeze in place. They'll react to immediate stimuli like touch, but if they're left on their own their eyes will dry out and they'll starve if someone doesn't intervene, or until the spell ends.

It could possibly be some sort of absent seizure, too. Not all seizures are the flopping-around-on-the-floor type. (Those are called tonic-clonic or grand-mal seizures, BTW...)

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My godfather's cat used to experience the same symptoms, due to vitamin e poisoning.

Apparently, when cats get too much tuna (or any other source of abundant vit e), they can suffer catatonic like states, seizures and loss of bowel control. However, the symptoms only last a few minutes, and the cat has no idea anything was wrong.
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@ Princess Pi

Oh, Emily Rose. That scene scared me so bad. Brrr. Waking up and seeing your significant other on the floor contorted AND looking at you! O_o I had to control myself from doing a double take at my now ex-girlfriend who suspiciously looked like her.

Perhaps, it may have been a slight seizure for the cat. Or, perhaps kitty had an epiphany? A moment of true clarity...but the owner and the noisy camera blew it. No wonder why the cat just left.
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On the other hand, it may be nothing at all.

Cats have the ability to sleep with their eyes open and even while walking.

Given cats' attitudes, eye-closure and comfort may simply be too much effort.
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If that kitty had white feet, I'd swear someone had kidnapped my little guy, Roger. He sleeps in that position all the time, but with his eyes closed.
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Nah, that cat is fine. My cat, Toonces, gets good and zoned out like that sometimes. Granted, my Toonces doesn't get into such a bizarre position, but that's because he's *ahem* husky.
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"If I don't move, you can't see me...............................*awakes* la la la ...I was here the whole time."

cats are weird.
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It's really quite simple, the cat is trying to meditate but the guy with camera keeps poking at it. I'm surprised the cat didn't get more antsy with the guy for ruining his zen time.
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That's how one of my cats likes to nap when it's hot; guess he needs to air his non-existant bits. But it's the same position; back legs facing one way, front legs and head completely in the opposite direction, with his belly totally exposed. Only difference is I can't get a pic of him; every time we get close with the camera, he gets up and tries to lead us to his food dish.
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Had cats all my life and have 5 now. They all do this and I'm sure they're sleeping when they do it. Couple of mine act ashamed when they wake, ok I shake em awake cause it creeps me out. Nothing unusual, just being cats is all.
Wish I had a camera. I would up some shots of my Petey. He does it all the time. Total goofball.
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