Your Very Own Action Figure

Be-A-Doll makes custom action figures that look like you! Or have one made for a gift, or modeled after a person you want to keep around (maybe to stick pins in). Link -via Dump Trumpet

I looked at the webpage, they are all really neat. I don't know if I'd spend $160, even though something like that would be worth it for a special occasion.

Also, lol @ Dr. Zibbs idea.
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Egads....those look creepy. Almost like something my mom sold at her craft shop growing up. I think it's the carved heads made of clay attached to the plastic body...although it's more expensive to create a custom mold for plastic, I would glady pay for that.
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They're actually not bad considering the price. I've seen worse.

The website is so basic though that it's downright disturbing.
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You're right.
That's one crappy web site.

Cool idea, though. They would sculpt it in clay, then take a mold and voila! Just don't be surprised if your head turns up on sex toys around the world.
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I'm going to have one made of me, then one of Salma Hayek and Catherine Bell, and then I'll have them all make sweet, sweet, toy love to each other...

What? Oh like none of you ever thought about it.
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Haha, I like it how with the emo looking guy 'Nic' they gave the doll a smile when the picture was frowning.

They're pretty cool, but it would be kind of weird to have one of my self.
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