Zombie Boy Update

Bizarre Magazine, to which I am an avid reader and subscriber, has tracked down Zombie Boy – the facially tattooed Montreal youth who stirred up much debate here on Neatorama regarding his sanity. Of course then the tattoo was limited to an extremely detailed facial skull but since Zombie Boy has invested more than $4000 into his quest to be a tattooed zombie.

When questioned about his tattoos, his response is quick and to the point. "They’re about the human body as a decomposing corpse – the art of a rotting cadaver. It’s also a tribute to horror movies, which I love."

Bizarre Magazine conducted an in depth interview with the young man regarding his appearance, his motivation and how he’s dealing with criticism and his Internet fame.

Via Bizarre Magazine.
Photo by Neville Elder.

It's "punk rock" he says. I've been a punk longer than he's been alive and the only way it is "punk rock" is that he's doing what he wants to do to his own dumb self. I've seen so many people with regrets over smaller tattoos or piercings gone wrong that it makes me want him to do the exact same interview in 20 years, especially if he has his nose removed etc. For now I'll just chuckle to myself and write snarky comments.
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Looking at the pictures, I was curious if he had any lower body tatoos. It would look kinda funny if they ended at his waistline.
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It's his body for sure. But I would hate to see someone like this regret all these mods years later. You often hear stories of tattoo regret. This guy's tattoos would be a real bitch to get rid of.
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Ah, he's an inarticulate anti-social loner who suddenly got attention when he got elaborate tats.

And anybody who calls themselves "punk rock" had damn sure better know it means something besides "ooh, I'm a rebel!"
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“They’re about the human body as a decomposing corpse – the art of a rotting cadaver. It’s also a tribute to horror movies, which I love.”

Um, okay. I like them too and used to have posters in my bedroom.
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I don't see a problem with having tattoos, as I've said before, unless they're inappropriate for everyday life. The only problem is, when you see this guy, you don't see him or who he is, you just see his tattoos.
I think that's a big problem with getting a tattoo, and why I'm never getting one.
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@ Rosi

"The only problem is, when you see this guy, you don’t see him or who he is, you just see his tattoos."

That's an interesting way of looking at it. Are all his tattoos just one giant mask? A way of hiding his real self from the world while simultaneously drawing attention?

Psychologists would probably have a field day with this guy.
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@sw- only in theoretical dollars.

dude's mom had it right, though. if you're gonna do it, do ALL of it. glad the guy found some meaning in his life. and yes it is HIS life. not mine, not yours, and not the rest of the judgmental people out there. we all know we wouldn't do it for reasons known to us, but there should be no reason to ridicule the guy for having a unique opinion about body art. so he chose to invest $4000 in a body mod? doesn't change MY life one drop. what does it matter that this ONE GUY can't get a "regular" job? he could get PLENTY of jobs, some maybe BECAUSE of his tatoos. i'm eager to see what he's doing in ten years.

and to those who keep saying "he'll regret it in X years," just shut up. first of all, how many times have you been told you'll regret something and you did it anyway? get over yourself. second, telling someone with a tatoo that they will regret it later in life is sort-of a punch in the gut. i have a couple tatoos and i will never regret them. i may grow-out of their general appeal, but i will never lose sight of what they represent to me. the strawberry shortcake on the back of my calf may not "look" good on my 80-year-old body, but it will still represent the innocence of my childhood: something that can never be forgotten.

give the guy a frickin' break.
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MoonCake, your comment is as judgmental as every other comment about this post. Zombieboy is going to have to deal with being judged every time he goes out and encounters new people, he may as well get used to it. Is it right? No. Is it wrong? No. It's just reality.

He probably will get a job because of his tattoo(s). Is Jim Rose still doing his freak show? Zombieboy needs to work on his sword swallowing or fire eating if he really wants to make some freak show money. Lots of other people have done it. Go all the way.
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1. SSSOOOO HOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. He'll probably get a very interesting well-payed job because of his tattoos.

3. By the time he regrets his tattoos (in 10 years or so), there'll be new and better ways to get them removed, like ultrasound.


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i love this if you want to make a statement you do something HUGE and risky that mite blow up in your face and love it no matter what
any1 who wants to be different just do it cuz its more fun that conformity
then again maybe thats just the crazy in me talking
im a crazy fuckedup psychopathic emo kid so ...
leave the boy alone he will be JUST FUCKING FINE
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Apparently it is usual on the internet to find someone to bitch on when they don't know him.

Being from Montreal, I see this guy once in a while. Sure he prolly won't ever get an office job, but movie productions hire him, he also works behind the scenes, does art and other fun stuff.
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