Couch Went Lawn Chair Ballooning

Just because earlier attempts of lawnchair ballooning went so well (the first one by Larry Walters, ended up with an arrest, fame, lost of fame, and then suicide; the second one by Brazilian priest Adelir Antonio de Carli ended up with him missing and presumed dead), Kent Couch decided to try it himself.

Couch (I know, I know) rode a green lawnchair with 150 helium-filled party balloons from central Oregon all the way to Idaho:

Couch kissed his wife and kids goodbye, and patted their shivering Chihuahua, Isabella, before his ground crew gave him a push so he could clear surrounding light poles and a coffee cart.

Then, clutching a big mug of coffee, Couch rose out of the parking lot of his gas station into the bright blue morning sky, cheered by a crowd of spectators. [...]

Said his wife, Susan: "He's crazy. It's never been a dull moment since I married him."

Link - Thanks Geekazoid!

Photo: Jeff Barnard/AP

That's sad to hear about the priest being found dead. From what I've read so far he didn't know how to use the GPS unit he took with him so he was unable to direct rescuers to his location. :(
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"Kissed his wife and kids goodbye." No one could accuse the guy of taking his marital and parental responsibilities lightly. But then, his wife didn't seem to mind him risking his life either.
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"But really, I just don’t get the appeal of doing something like this."

Probably more fun than a herd of dull people posting their vapid thoughts to blogs which will all end up being forgotten anyway with time.
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