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Michael Bay's Rejected Batman Movie Script

Tearin' its way through the InterWeb right now is an unsolicited script by Michael Bay (Director of Transformers, Bad Boys, and so on) for Batman's The Dark Knight that was rejected by Warner Bros.

Pure. Comedy. Gold. Link - Thanks Jaime!

"An American Flag (CGI) flies proudly in the central courtyard."

CGI the flag? So beyond unnecessary Mr. Bay.

Plus gotta love the truly brilliant description he gave of Rachel Dawes. Platinum blonde, huge rack, "She is the hottest woman in the world, but she wears glasses because she's also the smartest woman in the world."

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More funny than the script are a) the people who don't recognize it for the parody that it is and b) the people who need to point out how it's obviously not real.

C) would be people like me who feel a need to point out that the world is no longer smart enough for satire.
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The question begs to be answered, why have language filters if you let it all through? Don't get me wrong, I love cursing. Its like spice to the language.
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You call BS? Good work, numbnuts, realizing it isn't real.

It's a parody. It's a joke. It's humor. It's making fun of Michael Bay and his over-the-top movies. It's not a hoax and doesn't need BS called on it.

Sigh ...
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'Finally, one last explosion. This time with tanks flying out of it.' XD bloody brilliant!

That's pretty much the gust of Michale Bay movies. I thank the movie gods that this is only a parody and the Dark Knight's innate awesomeness is preserved.
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