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"American" in Movie Titles

The Criticker blog noticed something about movie titles: a lot of them have the word "American" in them. In fact, "American" is by far the most popular nationality in movie titles.

Check out the entire list of movies with the word "American" in their titles: Link - Thanks Juergen!

(Is that surprising? Aren't most movies made in America? Except for Bollywood ... those are in a class by themselves!)

And yet, off the top of my head, I can only think of American Beauty. Now that I've skimmed that page, however, I can only conclude that "American" is a weird word.
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So alguien if American isn't a nationality... what nationality is someone from the United States of America?
Unitedese? Stater? Or maybe American?
And yes... Bollywood produces 3 times as many movies annually as does Hollywood. Second is Hong Kong. Hollywood is third in terms of number of productions per year.
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Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssssssss

American this and that........... very good!

However - why is it still called the WORLD Series when the world hasn't participated in it? Always boggled my mind, that one. They should simply call it the American Major League BaseballFinal Championship Finals Series. That would be so much better.

Now - as for India making more "films" than the USA? Well - in the USA, there are many more TV CHANNELS with their own long-running 1-hour series (try counting those) and MOWs and Mini-Series too - which are, in effect, films, but are not necessarily included in the numbers of "films" - but the sheer volume of production in Hollywood far out-paces every other country's.
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I'd be interested to see how many of those "American ____" titles are from after "American Beauty" or thereabouts. There are weird trends that crop up in titles. Remember a while back when there was a spate of books and movies with "The Good" in the title, like "The Good Father," "The Good Mother," etc.? I'm not sure how these trends get started, but it's very odd.
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Yeah, but how many movies made in the U.S. o' A are about the U.S. o' A? It seems as though foreign studios are more likely to make a movie about us and with our name in the title. I'm keen to see one, too, see how everyone else thinks of us. I already know they don't like us (it's 'cause of our freedom) but it'd be interesting to see how other countries think we act day to day in our natural environment.
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alguien must be from South America. Or Europe. Those are the only regions that can't seem to wrap their brains around the term "American".

I'm a Canadian and I live in North America. But I would never call myself an American! That would just be confusing.
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The term American is what everyone understands to mean, a person from the United States. The is the only country in the Americas with the word America in the official name. If you are from Panama, you are Panamanian. If you are from Canada, you are Canadian. If you are referring to the continents, you distinguish between North and South America. I don't see the issue here, honestly, alguien.
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