Twilight Movie House?

I snapped these photos a while back when a house nearby mine was rented by a movie shoot for a ridiculously large amount of money. Later, I found out that the house is supposedly (emphasis on supposedly, now) for an upcoming tween vampire movie Twilight, based on Stephenie Meyer's novel.

Anyhoo, here are the pics:

It took the movie crews one week to turn the house into what they wanted (complete with fake cactus as you can see in the background of the second photo) ... and after the shoot, they converted the house back into what it was (but with new paint, etc). Overall, it was a pretty neat deal for the homeowners! Now, anyone want to rent my house for a movie shoot? :)

Alex, you might be able to get a part as a person walking in the background if you ask nicely! :)

And I think SenorMysterioso is right about being careful. A friend of mine put his house up in ads for minor films and inadvertently started getting calls film makers. ;)
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Yeah, you don't want to do that unless you aren't really attached to your possessions or your house. My house was used for the movie "Heartburn" with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson many years ago, and some of the damage was not really fixable. You can't, say, just repaint a huge gouge in an heirloom piano.
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The cactus threw me for a moment. I was thinking rainy Pacific Northwest. It's been a while since I read the book!

A couple years ago, the film "Deck the Halls" (with Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick) was filmed nearby. They actually built the facades of the houses in a vacant lot! It was pretty amazing. They turned a grassy lot into an upscale cul-de-sac, complete with a paved street. It was during a heatwave, but they managed to make it look like the middle of winter. There was fake snow everywhere. What was even more amazing is that they removed everything when they were done, and the grassy lot is again a grassy lot. Movie magic...
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It's a good thing I'm nowhere near you, Some Boca Dude, or my palm would be full of holes.

Anyhoo, I think these people only "rented out" the front of the house - so no damage to their possessions.

@violet: ouch on the piano! I hope they compensated you for that.
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i HATE that series of books! thousands of stupid teenage girls are wandering around drooling over some vampire named edward. go read something with substance! oh well. they are probably the type of girls who wouldnt normally read anyway.
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I was about to say that... the books are dire and the film looks even worse. And the worst thing is every girl I've met who's read them seems to think they are the pinnacle of fiction! Twilight was voted the "best book of all time" by my school (note: my school is an all girl school except for the top two years), above great authors like Michael Morpurgo and Meg Rosoff (who also write teenage fiction).
Everything written in that book is just a cliché... it read like fanfic written by a 13 year old with a slight fetish for vampires.
It's pretty cool if your house is in a movie, but not one that's this bad!
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Wow, I'm actually a pretty big Twilight fan, but I definitely don't run around squeeling over the characters all day long. Nice stereotyping. =\
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on the photos- awesome! I'd kill to be there to see this. i actually can't wait for the movie.

and on the other comments - READ the books before you actually comment on them. And LEAVE these teen girls ALONE. Be glad they are actually reading in a time when technology rules the world. seriously, that are just books. they are good books to, if you like that type of stuff, which i do. both laurell and stephenie are amazing authors.
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You probably won't see this, Alex, but to answer your question, yes, they compensated my family well for everything, but at the end of the day (month) my mother judged it an unequivocal fail. Just not worth it.
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Wow bizarre- I just heard from my little sister that they used my former High School for that movie too. It's in the Pacific Northwest, and how anybody involved with film ever heard of itsy bitsy teeny Kalama, I will never know.
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I DO NOT like Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. He's not as hot as the Edwrad described in Twilight. A TOTAL appointment for me when I first knew about it. I always thought that someone super hot will be Edward... but no - it's Robert Pattinson. Though, I have to admit that he does look quite vampire-ish. Such sharp and hard features, and that total sunken cheeks in the movie poster! But, stil not as hot as I imagine.
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Yes, it was... I saw the movie last night and that house is where Bella lived in Phoenix, AZ before moving to Washington.

That house appears two times in the movie.
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That indeed is the house. And not all readers are teenage girls, I happen to be a teenage boy. And I don't even write like this: "u r stopid."

A-freaking-mazing, am I right?
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my best friend lives across the street, approximately 100 yards to the right of where you took these pictures, and i live a little down the ways.
that would be here, up there, comment # 22.
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That's really cool that you got to see their set and watch them film. It's almost like being in the movie. =)

And as for people who are being stupid and bashing Twilight...get a life. Seriously. Just let the girls day dream. Its not their fault that Stephanie Meyer wrote a book that describes someone you can fall in love with. Edward is the vampire version of Mr. Darcy. Men like that are rare and in VERY short supply. So shut up and let them have their fun and raise their dating standards. =)
At least they are reading and not being obsessed with technology now a days.
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good to know they filmed that in cali, i'm from phoenix but just moved to the east coast and everyone keeps asking where bellas moms house i know:)
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