Should I Stop or Should I Go?

This crazy traffic light is a 14 "lanterns" (that's the official term) found in the Central Business District in Melbourne, Australia.

More traffic light shenanigans at Traffic Signals

Update 7/3/08 - Thanks to Neatorama reader Lindsey, we have a better pic of the monster traffic light:

Lindsey said that the traffic light, which is located at a major intersection, is for cars, trams and bicycle lanes.

People must be far more 'with it' there... around here, they would just be confused, and there would be a lot of accidents. Now I know what you are thinking... we are not really a bunch of inbred idiots, there are just a lot of older people, that's all.
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Now I lived in Melbourne for nearly 7 years and don't recall ever seeing these.

But with a bit of logical thought... if you think of it as being that the centre lights are for the trams and the others are for the cars the whole thing is a lot simpler than it looks.

A lot simpler than tryng to describe the Melbourne Hook Turn.
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Must be great fun when the power goes out.

I would love to take a fode for you but that means going in to the city and ahhh no thanks.

I think this it here,144.963781&spn=0.000379,0.000587&t=h&z=21
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Melbourne has the largest tram system in the English-speaking world, and they almost all meet in the central business district. So you've got lights for the trams going down the middle of the street, then lights for traffic on either side of the street, then lights for when the trams are turning and for when the automotive traffic can turn.

The camera angle obfuscates the lights themselves, which are fairly self-explanatory. I've lived in Melbourne long enough to be comfortable with the hook turn as well, which again is only in the CBD. For truly confusing traffic systems, go to Canberra, which is a planned city based on weird circular trafic patterns - you need to use a protractor to give someone directions.
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When I was riding a bicycle in Melbourne, I realised that basically at every cross roads you were performing a Hooky.

Austaralia is so fine

God I miss my Kingswood
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The background cone is part of Melbourne Central, a shopping center. The cone covers an old museum where a shot tower is housed. I live two blocks from the stop light, I'll try to get a pic of it lit and send it in.
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@Chris Gregory
Actually at this intersection (corner of La Trobe and Swanston St) the trams cannot turn, they do cross the intersecion from both directions though.

And yes it is a dangerous intersection, last week I saw a taxi driver run the red light there, I think he did it on purpose though...
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Although the lights themselves are not that confusing (read comments above as to what each of them refers to) the sequence of lights is.

The left and right arrows go green at the same time but the straight circle never goes green. This is because the part of Swanston St ahead is not designed to take a large amount of traffic. Taxis (and others familiar with the intersection) routinely ignore the red light and cross anyway.

It is quite common to see confused motorists opposite these lights waiting to go straight only to have 50 cars pile up behind them beeping them through a few sequences until they give up and turn left or right.

I know all of this as I used to attend RMIT university which is just around the corner from here.
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