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Good Things About Sky High Gas Prices

Every cloud has a silver lining - or so Amanda Ripley thinks when she wrote this interesting article for TIME Magazine about the sky-rocketing price of gas.

Here's one of the 10 Good Things About $4 Gas:

Fewer Traffic Deaths
Every year, about 40,000 people die in traffic accidents in the U.S. If you are age 5 through 34, you are more likely to die this way than any other way. Ordinary things we do — or don't do — have extraordinary consequences. We know that higher gas prices cause many of us to slow down and drive less — which means fewer people die. Early research into 2006 accident data suggests that many lives have already been spared. If gas remains at $4 per gal. for a year or more, expect as many as 1,000 fewer fatalities a month, according to professor Michael Morrisey at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and associate professor David Grabowski at Harvard Medical School, who calculated that estimate for TIME. That means annual deaths could be cut by almost one-third — a public-health triumph.


(Photo: Nycotyne [Flickr])

I could deal with $4 but it is almost $5 where I live.

However I'm glad to hear less people are dying. More people need to slow down anyway. I'm a stupid 20 year old but I only go around 65 my self

also Capella, that is a horrible thing to say. Losing a job is incomparable to losing a life.
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I don't want to pay $4 a gallon so that someone drives more safely. That's their problem, not mine. I do understand that most people involved in fatal accidents aren't the people driving reckless, but that is the states responsibility to control, not mine.
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It may be a public-health triumph, but it doesn't reflect very well on drivers. You only start to slow down and consider other people's lives when it hit you in the pocketbook? Nice.

But then, should we really expect more from human beings?
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AND you'll also reduce pollution, excerise more, maybe even commute less and live closer to work, therefore spending more time with family... Yes I see many positive things and it's about time! A cryin' shame that money is the only way many will change tho...
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for once i'm glad i bike commute to work and don't own a car...public transportation is pretty sweet here so getting around has never really been an issue.....getting to friends weddings though....that's a separate issue in itself.
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I never cease to be amazed at the sheer volume of people that don't understand gas is an inelastic commodity. The only way to make these things all happen would be an actual oil embargo, like OPEC did in the 70's, when people are physically barred from buying this daily necessity. Anything short of that will only result in more profits for oil refiners and shippers.
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Kind of ironic that a way to reduce oil usage and pollution is contributing to overpopulation. The environmentalist activists can't be happy with this news!
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This story is pure bunkum, if the historical record of the 1970's is accurate.

After an initial reduction in road deaths (attributed to the rising cost of fuel = less passenger-miles), it was found that the actual road death count increased, as a result of:-

(a) more bicyclists and motorcyclists; and
(b) compact cars being less crumple resistant than large cars.

I can recall that when the blanket 55 mph speed limits were removed, Insurance companies noted a significant decrease in highway accidents, which was pt down to drivers concentrating more at higher speeds.
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Compact cars may be less crumple resistant, but who wants to fill up the tank of an SUV with current gas prices? You fill up the car or you feed the kids. I guess some people figure a little more danger in one area is worth the trade-off.

If you really don't feel comfortable in a small vehicle, you can always take the bus.
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Sounds like a load of crap to me. High gas prices will cause SOME people to slow down. That will create a larger disparity between those who drive fast, and those who drive slow.

If everyone drives slow, that's safe. If everyone drives fast, that's safe. Mix the two together? You get traffic deaths.
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