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Afternoon Snack in Tanzania

Next time you eat a Twinkie for a snack, think of the children in Tanzania. Here's what they eat for an afternoon snack (I won't tell ruin the surprise and tell you what it is, but if you're squeamish, this video isn't for you!).

Video by David Lipps, a college student working for an NGO in Tanzania.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks Dan Danbom!

it's always good to be mindful of all the excess we have here.

still,i must agree with prolly does taste like chicken. little tiny, furry chickens.
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Man, as a lifelong city-dweller, I am ashamed for my lack of skills in making a fire in the wild, (making and) hunting with a bow, and the fearlessness to use a knife on your palm.

The only thing I have guts with is to pull all the guts of the thing out.
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Come on, that's not so bad, I've seen worse on the Travel Channel Bizarre Foods. And here I thought it was going to be some nasty two inch thick grubs, insects is one thing I cannot stomach to see people eat.
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Something to consider here it's that those mice feed themselves with natural and let's say cleaner food from the bushes, as the mice and rats from our cities eat from our toxic garbage. Anyway, my cultural manners would never let me eat a rat, or a dog; but chinese people see it as natural as it can get.

By the way, Geekazoid, those "nasty insects" are cleaner and have a lot more protein than those big macs that we use to eat. That it's the real junk-food. And by the way, insects have a really nice taste with a little salt.
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That dosn't look so bad. I'd do it if I were a poor starving kid. Can't imagine there being much meat though. Wonder why they didn't go through the organs for edible bits like the heart, liver etc. Maybe too small to be worth the time?
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I think it's ok as long as they cook it and then eat it. Besides those things are abundant everywhere! Might as well use them for some good. :)
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