Sometimes the Headline Just Writes Itself ...

I bet you dollar to donuts that Bryn Mickle of The Flint Journal had a lot of fun writing that headline and lede ;) - via Super Punch

Apparently sagging jeans is the new menace - last year, authorities in Mansfield, Louisiana, also .. er, cracked down, on the fashion phenomenon.

Anyone here understand why people wear jeans down their butt? It sure looks silly to me, but what do I know, I'm a fuddy-duddy.

Great headline, but really, while I think it's a fashion crime to wear one's pants like that, making it an actual crime is ridiculous. Have they solved all the cases in their department and run out of doughnuts?
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they wanna have this image where when you look at them you can tell they are thinking "i don't care. i don't care about anything, ESPECIALLY whether or not my pants are at a sensible height."

or at least thats why i would do it.
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I remeber readingonce that dungarees became a fashion item as folks wished to mimic jail house garb- in an "I'm in solidarity with the brothers against the man" sort of theory... so I'm guessing the saggy pants comes from mimicking homeless folks in an : "I'm in solidarity with the homeless, against the corporate rich"... I saw one 16yr.old boy rececntly (white and thoroughly middle class) with his pants completely below his butt (he was wearing boxers to cover his skin, but it was way clear that he went out of his way to do this), and then a tight belt kept them there... he could barely walk as he tried to be cool, but he did have two hot girls with him, so he must be onto something... I also heard a story a while back of some kid wearing his jeans this way, went running down a grassy hill toward a parking lot, the pants kept dropping as he sped up, and he did a serious lip dive into the pavement, seriously injuring himself.
Me personally, I never wear pants, so my ass is always out on parade;)
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it is the fashion statement of the hip hop culture. It became more mainstream around the mid 90's and it is starting to die about now but there are still some offenders that are not up to date with the times. Personally i think it was stupid cause it would always leave me ass freezing and it meant if i forgot my belt to school that day (yes we needed belts to keep it at the perfect angle), then i would be keeping my hands inside my pockets all day to prevent them from falling down.
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The original reason for super-baggy pants is to more easily conceal drugs and weapons, and aid in shop-lifting. I think it caught on outside the ghetto because a bunch of fat white people saw rappers doing it and thought, "Hey, that looks comfortable... and will hide my rolls of fat!"
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I'm totally white as they come, but I think I understood the trend came from prisons, where the inmates are not allowed to have belts.

The baggy pants thing has been around FOREVER, and they are JUST NOW getting offended by it?

It's such a huge part of the culture now. It's just asinine (hee!) to outlaw it.

Can we outlaw mullets while we're at it?
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Actually, the sagging pants trend was started in prison. Inmates are not allowed to have belts to prevent them from hanging themselves. And when the guards issue the inmates their new wardrobe, it hardly ever fits perfectly, so the pants sag. Then, the trend worked its way into hip-hop. Later, mainstream culture kicked in, and the rest is history.
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It did start in prison. Partly because belts are not allowed, but also to show "relationship" status. If you sagged it meant you were taken. And taking it.....
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Well, since I live in a city near Flint, as ridiculous as it might be, they WILL find alot of drugs and weapons if they start approaching these idiots.

Hell, if they got the manpower and we can keep em away from the Krispy Kreme in Flint, send some cops up my way!

My city laid almost all of em off!
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I hate the "fashion," but think that it's taking it too far to make a law against it. I always heard that sagging pants in prison indicated that the wearer was available. And a trend that is equally confusing to me is the (white) boys who wear skintight jeans that don't go up far enough to cover their business, and have the boxer shorts hanging out. Or the belted-below-the-butt look.

I come from a generation that has plenty to answer for in the fashion faux pas department (mullets, parachute pants, Valley Girls, etc.) and I still find baggy pants intolerable to look at. Maybe it's the function of each generation to piss off and look stupid to the one before it.
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I cant believe that an enforce of the law is trying to make new ones because he doesnt like how pants are being worn. If I go to the beach right now I know that I will see more crack there then in all of downtown bumfuk flint. This is just stupid that he is worried about stoping them from wearing pants too low instead of doing something constructive.
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I think they eventually get what they deserve for abusing fashion that way. There's no need to make it an actual crime.

I've seen so many saggy-pants actually fall down, and I've seen even more people that are wearing them trip as they try to run. They're great fun for onlookers!
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Will and WO are correct. I used to teach in South Central Los Angeles and Compton, and believe me, there's nothing more disrespectful than a kid leaning over with his butt toward you and his ass hanging out (even though covered by boxers). It's the big shirts that hang down to the knees that cover all the goodies such as drugs, arms, etc.
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i'm not male so i don't know this personally, but i've dated guys who said a certain amount of sagging was for comfort, but added that sagging more than just a couple inches was excessive. so i can agree with that much. i don't care either way.. yes, it's ridiculous and i can't believe it's an actual fashion statement, but c'mon-- they are ASKING to be ridiculed. feel free to put them in their place by openly making fun of the fact that they force themselves to walk like penguins. i think it's hilarious to see someone with their feet out as wide as they can get with a bunch of denim bunched up between their knees and their feet.. seriously. it looks like they're 3 years old waiting for their mommy to pull their pants up after making poopy. if they want to look like that, they have whatever they get coming to 'em. you don't see many full-grown adults doing this, so we can bet that it's just another teen fad that will go away sooner or later.
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Instead of arresting them they should just finish the job. Pull the pants all the way down, take a picture and post it instantly on the police website.
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