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Frozen Taco Bell Prank

Do you remember the insanely great Frozen Grand Central prank?

Well, Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere, the guy that did it, replicated this stunt at a suburban Taco Bell Grand Opening. The facial expressions of the unsuspecting lunchtime crowd when 40 performers just froze mid-slurp and mid-bit are pure gold!

Check out the video clip:

[YouTube Clip]

I keep waiting for the headlines when they pull a stupid stunt like that in front of some on duty cops or FBI agents. It could easily be confused for some sort of terrorist attack.
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I don't know how they don't keep from laughing. That was good.
My favorite improv everywhere skit is still where tons of people wearing blue polos and kakis (looking exactly like the employees) walk into a Best Buy store and mill around.
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The day this sort of thing gets confused for a terrorist attack will be the day I lose all remaining hope in the future of modern civilization.
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Great job on the site but could you please avoid using videos that play automatically in the RSS Feed? I was using Google Reader and music started blasting out of my speakers when this article loaded in reader, about ten articles below what I was currently reading.
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I agree with Urchin. No more autoplaying videos please. I have scroll down to this article to pause the video every time I open up Neatorama's feed.
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i noticed the glasses / slurpee swap too. the only thing I can think of (besides him moving and it being edited out) would be if the real customers took his glasses, put them in his pocked (you can see them in on shot there), and stuck a drink in his hand. Becasue his hand/arm are in the same position.

If that were me pretending to be frozen and people rearranged things on me, I'd have no choice then to let them do it or break character. And the kid talking about him did have a drink on him (not that that's so amazing in a taco bell).
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Ditto the auto-play comments.

Kill it..!!

Why is it the reader's responsibility to do it..??

Very disappointing . . .yeah, I got no life. H3ll, I am blogreading afterall...

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