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Photography by a 3-Year-Old Boy

I've been thinking of giving my old digital camera to my two-year-old daughter so she can learn how to take photos (and to see what things are interesting to toddlers) when Neatorama reader Daelan Wood sent me this: a link to a website showcasing his three-year-old son's photos!

I see a lot of feet and pets' butts, though some of the photos are actually very well done!

Link - Thanks Daelan!

w00t! Almost as interesting as the cat camera :) I love the site layout, that he himself holds up the site, almost unreal! It makes me wanna do the same thing, but I'm not a small cute kid anymore.
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My son is about to turn 4. He takes a lot of pictures of the ceiling and people's backs and stuff but I especially love it when he arranges his toys and takes pictures of them.
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Another shining example of people's self-important delusions about how fascinating their offspring must be to others.
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My daughter loves to take pictures, when she was 4 she took a lot of her feet, but now she is 5 and loves to take photos of her tv shows. I find random pics of various cartoons whenever I load new ones onto the computer.
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Kids should take their turn with the digital point-and-shoot during family reunions. I've noticed when my daughter points the camera, family members pose and smile for her, when they will not sit still for me. (Wait - maybe they like her better?)
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I gave my then-2-year-old two semi-broken digital cameras obtained from Freecycle. Now at age 4, I'm planning to buy her a real camera. I'd love to hear about how your 2-year-old handles your old camera, specifically what design aspects work and which ones present challenges. I wrote some old observations here:
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I totally agree with Ted. Nobody cares about the random pics your kid takes. As a father of a 2 and a 4 year old, I know the wife and myself would be fascinated with the pictures our children might take (and may even try this at home) but we know anyone outside of our family could hardly care about our kids' silly pictures.
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My cat Max is a pretty decent photographer - here's some of his work:

Max uses the splendid Mr. Lee Catcam:
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I give my daughter a disposable camera every time we go on vacation or to the fair. I have been doing it since she was 2. She has a photo album of all the fun things we have done but from her point of view.
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ah Ted for once I agree with you :p What people might deem fascinating just because their offspring did/made it is probably completely dull and boring to a lot of normal people.
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I've been posting pics my son took for my family and friends. He was 3 yrs when he started. There are some good ones too because I let him take hundreds and then I pick out a handful of only the best shots. That's the good thing about digital ;) Then when they see the shots they think he's photography prodigy. ha ha
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We got my 2yo one of the VTech kid's cameras, but he takes much better photos with our phone. 80% don't turn out, but he does manage to get a decent shot in here and there, and more importantly he is learning coordination skills.
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@ted & the other Whiners: See, that's where the internet really IS like TeeVee. Don't like it? Don't click the damned link, and don't assume your opinion is any more interesting than the story or web page in question. How cool!
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Wow. People are agreeing with me? I must be losing my edge.

Hey, Slapster, I'm not whining - just pointing out a well-known phenomenon. People get so obsessive about their own children (and grandchildren and nieces and nephews), that they forget that kids have been doing the darndest things since the dawn of time (approx 4000 yrs ago, according to some sources), and it's usually not so fascinating to other people. I think it's part of our survival instinct.
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