"Lost" Amazon Tribe Not So Lost After All ...

Remember the "lost" Amazon tribe that got everyone excited? Well, it turns out that the existence of this "undiscovered tribe" had been known for nearly a century, and that the mission to photograph them from the air was poltically motivated:

Survival International, the organisation that released the pictures along with Funai, conceded yesterday that Funai had known about this nomadic tribe for around two decades. It defended the disturbance of the tribe saying that, since the images had been released, it had forced neighbouring Peru to re-examine its logging policy in the border area where the tribe lives, as a result of the international media attention. Activist and former Funai president Sydney Possuelo agreed that – amid threats to their environment and doubt over the existence of such tribes – it was necessary to publish them.

But the revelation that the existence of the tribe was already established will provoke awkward questions over why a decision was made to try to photograph them – a form of contact in itself – in order to make a political point.

Link - Thanks geekazoid and Moshe!

Ever wonder how did the original native Americans of those nations react upon seeing the first invading Europeans exiting their ships and exploring the new land?

Wonder if the too tried to shoot their arrows at them?

Wonder what mysticism this experience will have decades from now among that tribe?
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I believe Bill Hicks was murdered, via a “cancer sprinkle”.

Those who speak out now either die of heart attack (via poisoning), fast-moving cancer, or some accidental type of method, never the lone gunman anymore.

Sure, lots of people will say, “But Hicks smoked his ass off!” Fuck that, the guy was at his peak, ready to bloom in America and his life was cut short by a “cancer sprinkle” from the powers that be. “Where’s your proof?” Watch his videos, audio, everything from the guy, absorb through your eyes and ears, breathe his stuff, you’ll see he was a lone preacher in the wilderness, trying to open our hearts to the reality of our present dictatorship. Friends, there is no land of the free, we are all slaves.

Bill Hicks:

“They don’t want the voice of reason spoken folks, cos otherwise we’d be free. Otherwise, we wouldn’t believe their fucking horseshit lies, nor the fucking propaganda machine of the mainstream media and buy their horseshit products that we don’t fucking need and become a third world consumer fucking plantation which is what we’re becoming. Fuck them. They are liars and murderers.”

Where are voices of reason like this in today’s media? Nowhere. The guy making a comment about GB hating black people and Rosie on The View telling people to Google gulf of T….. was as close as it got. It wouldn't surprise me if George Carlin was murdered too (heart attacks/failures and fast acting cancer are both black ops methods used by corrupt rogue governments), had he been speaking out too much about Iraq recently and where America is headed?

When a person speaks out to the people and for the people in a voice they can understand, they don’t end up well soon after, this is fact. At the very least they are pulled from a show, or the show cancelled. If they are vocal enough and well respected enough not to be smeared or jailed, the shadows swirl around them.

Vote for Wesley Snipes and send a message: fuck your taxes we are not slaves.
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I do not see what the organization did as a bad thing. If this is what it took to keep these people safe then how was it wrong? What is wrong for logging companies and governments in the region to attack the lands where these people live. MONEY is the only political motivation we need to be angry about.
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Amazing how words like "lost" and "undiscovered" are thrown around now, when the original story only mentioned "uncontacted".

They are not the same. There are lists of uncontacted tribes, but you can't make a list of undiscovered tribes.
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So Survival International has known about these people for a long time and has made themselves god/protector over them. Interesting.

How many people who are all gung ho about keeping this tribe in isolation would want the same for us if we were visited by extra-terrestrials who possessed advanced technology and were willing to share it with us?
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I'm brazillian and the journals here noticed that there are many other tribes with no contact. There have been many disputes over land by tribes and farmers. So there are many political reasons to get media attention by this way... anyway I don't think they worth any kind of contact like the photographs.
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I know, it's anal, but I just wanted to point out that 20 years is not nearly a century... But stuff like that can really blow things out of proportion.
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