The McDonald's Diet: Man Lost 86 lb. Eating Only McDonald's Food

Meet Chris Coleson, a Richmond, Virginia, businessman who lost 86 pounds on the "McDonald's Diet""

He said the idea was born out of his wife's skepticism at his ability to lose weight.

"I told her I could lose weight eating anywhere," he said. "I told her I could do it eating at McDonald's."

Determined to prove his point, Mr. Coleson started eating two meals a day at the Golden Arches (he doesn't eat breakfast) and saved his receipts in a journal. He saved most of his salad containers, too. In another nod to the McDonald's diet, Mr. Coleson changed his license plate from "OLDNFAT" to "MCFIT."

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(Photo: Chris Coleson, in his "before" photo)

1200 calories a day and all he ate was salads.

I think its funny how he talks about how he is not interested in becoming a McD's spokesperson because earlier in the article it says that McD's is not interested in hiring him as one.
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All he ate was salads? Then I'm not impressed at all, anyone can lose weight on only 1200 calories, heck that's like starvation mode not even the minimum an average adult needs. Now if he lost weight eating big macs and filet o fishes, then of course McD's would be hiring him as a spokesperson, but only from eating salads? Fugghedaboutit
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Really?! You mean to tell me that if I go from eating 5000 calories a day, more than twice what a normal adult is supposed to eat, and starve myself on salads I'll lose weight? If Only I'd known!

Seriously though, this is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with McDonalds food. And I'd just like to point out that there is a significant difference between thin and healthy. Just because he lost weight doesn't mean he's any healthier than he was before.
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Yep, reading this one requires a paid subscription. Simply filling out their info (with bogus name and address, of course) takes you to a page that gives you the first paragraph. If you want to read more, it's by paid subscription only. I'm not that curious about the guy.
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He'll gain it back. That kind of diet isn't sustainable... especially if he hasn't dealt with the issues that made him sit in front of the fridge and gorge himself in the first place.
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Why is this a news item? Of course he lost weight on salad and apple dippers without caramel sauce. He would have lost weight if he did the same thing at Wendy's eating the same food, or if he made the salad himself at home. Due to the release of "Super Size Me", a lot of restaurants added healthier items to their menu.

This is really not hard to figure out. Something is really wrong when the obvious is stated. Aren't there any other important stories out there? Is this guy a plant for McDonald's even though it says he's not?

Really ... (Shaking Head)
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Well. I could starve myself eating salads. But I don't because it is not healthy. So that guy isn't on a diet. He just must not have a wife that says "Don't starve yourself Yuo are fine." And that is different. And second of all who has a license plate as OLDNFAT. I mean you should use the license plate a thing where you are 1000 pounds and your license plate is YOUNG AND SKINNY or something like that. So I congradulate him for starving himself and having a bad license plate.
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I have done the same. I eat Latte with nofat and splenda. I eat salads, chicken with no bread, Low fat cone. Salads are healthy food especially the chicken salads. I am 75 with all the medical tests coming in within range. So the sacrifice keeps me out of nursing homes.
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