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The Ting Tings - Shut Up and Let Me Go - music video

Just because the visitor reaction to the last music video I posted here was SO POSITIVE, I'm posting another one here this morning. This one is for another English act, The Ting Tings, with their tune Shut Up and Let Me Go, which many will recognize from a recent iTunes/iPod commercial on American television. Enjoy! YouTube.

Adam, its a catchy tune, but I agree w/ T. Giachetti. Please don't start diluting Neatorama with music videos, which we can find elsewhere. Just as with your politics posts, the music videos may or may not be good, but if the shoe ain't broke, don't fix it. Keep Neatorama 100% neato, IMHO.

(Or start Stanhoparama?)
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I must admit that initial riff is really catchy albeit basic. But to me it seems like that's all the song has going for it. The music video itself was pretty cool, though.

I remember someone posted Justice's D.A.N.C.E. on here a while ago. Now that video is awesome, and the song is great, too.
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"Adam, we just don’t need music vids here. Youboob is great for that so let them keep doing it.
You mus be bored."

I agree, sans the negativity :D
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Come on, I like your blog, but I agree with others when they ask you not to dilute it with music. Specially with this sort of music :/
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YAY! i'm so glad you posted this...after seeing the iTunes commercial i immediately downloaded their whole album and it's actually pretty spiffy. and no, i didn't use iTunes...
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I hope this is posted for the visuals, because it's neat, and not because of the song, because it's annoying!

And I agree with roger, and let me add this: If this place starts posting political fluff, it'll be another Boing Boing, which is biased in itself!
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Oops, I said "but if the shoe ain’t broke, don’t fix it" Wow! maybe I'm developing Yogi Berra disease! I hope I spontaneously come up with more of these
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Hey I enjoyed this! I didn't know the Ting Tings were responsible for this. Saw something of theirs in a club but couldn't really hear the music so I forgot about them until now.

Also, keep posting videos because at the every least it might drive away some of the asstards.
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I'm almost convinced that Stanhope is Alex's alter ego when he wants to piss people off

this video is almost passable but I can't imagine what you were thinking in that last video. It was undeniably nothing special.

I hate being so negative, especially on a free content site, but it's hard to look at a sore on a site that I enjoy so much.
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Also, as readers of blogs let's not try to get everyone to believe we have to read everything. Obviously if you don't want to see music videos on a site you don't author skip it and go to the next post. How hard is that? You can even ask your mother to hold your hand the first few times but I promise it's not that scary.
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Seriously people, lighten up and have fun, that's clearly a 'neat' music video. Very creative, very fun. Thanks for posting it Neatorama. I love that I can come here and always find something neat, whether it's an image, a story, a video, or a piece of music...
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Ugh. Honestly - even music has run out of inspiration and can only regurgitate and plagiarize and copy. Lazy lazy lazy. They're all out to make money, and that's is all. Just like the movies. What a load of crap.
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well I enjoyed this. I very rarely go directly to youtube for anything so I doubt I would've discovered this one anywhere else. so to all those that pretty much said the same thing as the first negative comment...quite whining!
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Agree with Peeves above. How hard is it to skip a feature you don't want to look at? I can't believe people telling those who run the site what's okay and not okay.
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I just turned my brain off to watch it. Enjoyable bit of fluff, but for Neato factor, you should post Samwell's narcissistic "What What in the Butt" song.
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Wow, I'm new around here, but would like to know if all the whiners are regulars?

God damn, how about a little love for the host? Something is posted; comment on the thing, not on your host's motivations, or personal remarks.. Jeez.

I don't particularly care either way for the video, but I didn't feel the need to jump on Adam, and wave my demands in his face. I did however, feel the need to add my voice to the comments on the bad-form of some of the other commenters, and that's a pity.

Adam, you can post whatever you like as far as I'm concerned. Keep up the great work.
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Well said, NuSound. You can't make all the people happy all the time, but hell -- its yours to post to, don't let the haters tell you what you think is neat, Adam.
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If you think the video is so neat, why post it in the wrong ratio?

Standard hit song formula, version B (semi-indie). Repetitive, unimaginative but well-produced. It is kind of a travesty to post this when Elbow, Sparks, Goldfrapp, The Last Shadow Puppets and about 100 other bands have more interesting and fun songs just out just now.
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you're fine, adam. you can post videos, but maybe try to post really awesome ones and not just run-of-the-mill, MTV-over-played-it-last-week, i-pod commercial videos.
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