Reverse Graffiti Artist Moose Does the Broadway Tunnel in San Francisco

When Paul Curtis (aka Moose, previously on Neatorama here) tells people that he cleans for art, many are baffled - how can cleaning be considered art? Here's Paul explaining his latest project, the reverse graffiti of San Francisco's Broadway Tunnel, in a short documentary clip by Doug Pray.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] | Reverse Graffiti Project | Reverse Graffiti Video Clip

It seemed all altruistic and pure and straight from the heart until I realized it was an ad. Too bad. (I'd be happy to get paid and a video on Neatorama to prove that Green Works can clean my home!)
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it's beautiful! too bad it's an ad, but hey-- at least they didn't waste resources to make a giant plastic banner with non-biodegratable paints, only to throw it away a couple months later adding to the world-wide problem of too much human refuse and not enough space to put it.
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I'd just like to point you folks at (what I think is an earlier instance of) the same thing out of Sao Paolo, by Alexandre Orion. In my opinion it's much more powerful and either way, has a much better (locally produced) score:
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Nice video, and thanks dee for that other link. You know they only came by and cleaned it because how embarrassing the situation must have been to the authorities when they discovered he wasn't spray painting anything. The ending was quite powerful showing that all that crud is simply draining away out of sight but still around polluting our world.
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He says in the "ad" --

I am a professor of dirt.

Anyone without a British accent who tries to say that ends up sound like a total idiot. I know, because I tried. Just a little FYI.
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