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Doctors Inject Cloned Immune Cells, Cure Man of Cancer

Science has made a significant stride in curing melanoma, a form of skin cancer, by using cloning cancer-fighting immune cells and injecting them back into the patient:

Scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle concentrated on a type of immune system cell called a CD4+ T cell.

From a sample of the man's white blood cells, they were able to select CD4+ T cells which had been specifically primed to attack a chemical found on the surface of melanoma cells.

These were then multiplied in the laboratory, and put back in their billions to see if they could mount an effective attack on the tumours.

Two months later, scans showed the tumours had disappeared, and after two years, the man remained disease-free. The new cells persisted in the body for months after the treatment.

Link - Thanks moronic50!

wouldn't that cure aids too??
Clone T-Cells and inject them into the patient.
Scary stuff, there's already hundreds of articles on the fountain of youth being seen in our lifetime.
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T cells? cloning cells to fight disease? wow this is getting a bit too much like resident evil. /me prepares for inevitable zombie epidemic
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Hey, Chad, you wouldn't say that if you had stage IV, incurable cancer like I do.

I welcome all cancer research, and pray for the day that a cure is found for all of us.
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I know it sounds REALLY aunt died from breast cancer...but I kinda think cancer is a way of controlling the human population.
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@ p

You say that now, but what about when you or someone you care about is diagnosed with cancer?

But you are right in that SOMETHING needs to be done to control the world's population. So many of the world problems we face today are caused or increased by overpopulation, and every year it is going to just get worse and worse.
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This is great news. If they can figure out how to get this to work with other various types of cancer types we can hopefully see people get cured.
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