Portrait of Greg

Artist Ralph Dickinson has made a short film that profiles a dear friend of mine from college, Greg Grey. Greg was and is a beautiful person. He is one of those rare geniuses who straddles that ragged edge between brilliance and insanity. The film is making the rounds this year at various film festivals. I hope you enjoy it! [YouTube]

Update: link and embed fixed

this is just boring and kind of annoying. I'm sorry to be a 'hater' here, but why should I care about him?

"I'm to smart to fit into society so I get social security".

Also, last time I checked, drinking fluids from a trashcan wasn't a typical 'scholar' trait. Neither is a highschool grasp of relativity.
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Hmm, this is probably a lot different if you know the guy but I really didn't find this to be anything special. I suppose he could be very interesting but it sure didn't show in this medium.
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That was absolutely horrible. I'm sorry Adam but I just couldn't get past the terrible singing. I guess I try to celebrate those in society who try to make a better life for those around them rather than those who just exist to live off of other people ie. social security.

Maybe you took too much lsd while at Berkley.
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