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Strawberry Shortcake's Extreme Makeover

Images: TCFC

Strawberry Shortcake is getting stale - the "it" doll of the 1980s just wasn't connecting with modern girls, so her corporate owner American Greeting Properties, is having pulling an extreme makeover - and they're not alone:

Strawberry Shortcake, part of a line of scented dolls, now prefers fresh fruit to gumdrops, appears to wear just a dab of lipstick (but no rouge), and spends her time chatting on a cellphone instead of brushing her calico cat, Custard. Her new look was unveiled Tuesday, along with plans for a new line of toys from Hasbro.

She is not the only aging fictional star to get a facelift. An unusually large number of classic characters for children are being freshened up and reintroduced — on store shelves, on the Internet and on television screens — as their corporate owners try to cater to parents’ nostalgia and children’s YouTube-era sensibilities. Adding momentum is a retail sector hoping to find refuge from a rough economy in the tried and true.

Brooks Barnes of the New York Times has the story: Link

(Alert: Disney is thinking of "updating" Mickey Mouse! The travesty!)

When I saw this post I just though of the Penny Arcade Strawberry Shortcake that they had to take down! Now THAT would be a funny makeover...
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Wasn't she revamped a few years ago?

Still, I prefer the original. And what's the point of them having pets if they're just going to neglect them and text each other instead?

Just what we need: more toys to dumb down today's girls.
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Yeah, they just did re-release her a couple of years ago in the new look. Huh.

They did a lot of dumb things, like making Pupcake also belong to Strawberry instead of Huckleberry Pie. But I think the worst offense was what they did to Angel Cake. In the original series, there was a whole episode about how Souffle Skunk became her pet. Now, it's a lamb named Vanilla Icing. Lame. "Ew a skunk can't be somebody's pet!" Balderdash. My mom and I will still smell a skunk and go "Yowie! A. Skunk!" (Part of the original episode - he thought that was his name because everyone would see him and go Yowie! A skunk!")
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Hah hah! I just asked my wife if while growing up she liked Strawberry Shortcake.

Mrs: "Oh yeah! I loved Strawberry Shortcake. I had a strawberry shortcake comforter!"

Me: "Well, take a gander at what they did to her..."

Mrs: (Looking at the pic in the posting posting) Wow, they turned her into a little ho-bag tramp, didn't they?

Straight Talk from Mrs. Sid...
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The list of things from my and my siblings childhoods keeps being ruined by this "need" to revamp.
My Little Ponies. Littlest Pet Shop. Strawberry Shortcake. Holly Hobby. Polly Pocket (doesn't even fit in your pocket!)...
At least Hot Wheels and Play-Doh still resemble what I remember...
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I like the new one better, the old is too dated and a bit Raggedy Anneish. She still looks innocent to me, maybe more so than the old version.

Cmon, she used to wear a dress so short you could see her bloomers. Now she has chest high pants.

Maybe she still has Custard only now its a virtual pet that lives on her cell phone =^.^=
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The people making these decisions are sad:

"Disney is updating Toontown, the section of Disneyland that Mickey calls home. One plan features an old-fashioned trolley, but Mr. Iger is not sure that is a smart idea. Will modern children know what an old-fashioned trolley is?"

God forbid a child should actually learn about something! If we dumb down everything to a child's level of understanding, how will anyone ever learn anything?
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This revamp is lame. I could see it if she was updated without completely compromising the original look, but to take away her pet and give her a phone, and make her look like every tired anime inspired toon out there is just stupid.
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@hollywoodbob: that's exactly what i was thinking.. where has peoples' creativity gone? "Oh let's make all the old cartoons vamp'd up and super-fly for today's youth to enjoy because we don't have an ounce of creativity to write a new script!" hollywood has ruined the industry, and it all started when they began re-making old movies (texas chainsaw massacre, psycho, dukes of hazard-- just to name a few) and comic book movies. and why? because it's EASY and a quarenteed success. and they know it. and because hollywood is the BIG influence of all other media, this "quick and easy" mentality has trickled down through other industries.

the strawberry shortcake tatooed on the back of my leg could kick this new strawberry shortcake's a$$.. that ho.
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The problem is she looks more "life-like" instead of a Raggedy Ann doll. So Strawberry Shortcake "purists" get their bloomers in a bunch over it.

Nobody dressed their kid like the old Strawberry Shortcake. If they did, they were probably home-schooled.

Kinda creepy to hear people - especially women - calling her a slut because she's more up-to-date. It's not like they her into Strawberry Hilton.

I find it interesting how they're going to remake the Care Bears with less belly fat and longer eyelashes - now that'll be something to mock.
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Evilbeagle basically said what I wanted to about this.

This reminds me of the updated Candyland that was released a few years ago, which I absolutely hate the look of. I don't care that they "politically corrected" the kids drawn on the board, but all the characters look so much more goofy and cartoony than they did for the version I grew up playing.
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I was a huuuuge strawberry shortcake fan as a kid and to an extent I still am. As a pale redheaded freckled girl in the 80's Strawberry was my role model and is probably why I love strawberries and cats so much as an adult.

I don't mind that they gave her a makeover, in fact I kind of liked the changes they made a few years back, I just think this is a rather generic makeover. She doesn't stand out anymore, she isn't original and she's lost her characteristic red motif in favor of hot pink (since when are strawberries hot pink?) and her sweet country girl charm. No chubby baby fat cheeks? Cell phones? No Custard? What's left of the original? I think I'll stick to vintage shortcake thanks.

For the folks commenting on her lack of breasts, get your mind out of the gutter perverts, she's a little girl and I hardly thing sexualizing her is good for our children. And for the folks calling her a slut, you need to have your head checked. What exactly about that picture screams slut to you? I can just see you all standing around your Rainbow Brights as children stoning her to death for refusing to ride sidesaddle and having bare legs. Jeez people, overreact much?
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Updating's fine and all, but this little Strawberry Shortcake isn't a little girl anymore. Even without the boobs (regarding which, comments about here were jokes I think). She looks like a teenager that is marketed for little girls. As the mother of a 5-year-old girl, and someone who collected the awesome 80s dolls from Strawberry Shortcake (was Purple Pie man trying to make them into pies? My husband and I were trying to remember), I find it very disturbing that today our girls are acting much too old and snooty for their ages. It's not just a product of commercials and TV-- it's the girls they hang around at school, the toys you see marketed everywhere even if you're just picking up bread from the store-- the way kids talk at the park. It's disgusting. But it's not just corporate America-- they market and update for their audience. It's us-- well, not me and you maybe, but our society. It's like adults want their kids to be adults like them, don't give them enough boundaries--
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She's not a slut because she's up to date.
I think it's still a much more acceptable and sweet toy for a child than say...the Bratz *shudder*

What I find so bothersome (and what I think is bothering many people here) is the industry's need to "redo" something so that "kids today" will understand it better or connect better.

So no, Strawberry Shortcake is not a slut (yet), but she has lost what made her Stawberry Shortcake.
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@ Lea

I agree 100%! Strawberry Shortcake is still better than the hideous Bratz dolls. I wish American Greetings would learn the history of SS, before redoing dolls and getting the names and pets messed up. How can we share this with our daughters, if Strawberry Shortcake is nothing like we remember?
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I remember the classic SSC from when I was a kid and am now a collector (kinda for me and kinda for my daughter) of the new SSC stuff. It is so much easier to get than the classic stuff now but I am abit annoyed that they would update her AGAIN. The longer hair and funky clothes are not necessary. Leave her with the big sunhat and jeans! She is only just being reintroduced to us in Australia that damn Dora is EVERYWHERE.
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Like so many others have said, why should old characters e revamped to match todays people? God forbid they learn something. And yay, a cell phone. Now she can be like every other ditz glued to her phone and 5p34k1ng l33t or whatever. Animals are not cool anymore? And I supose the Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak is going to do a rap now instead of his song-and-dance. Bah. Originals for me, thanks.
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do any of you remember a Comic/leaflet book about strawberry shortcake going to the big apple I'm sure there was one but no one seems to remember it. I think the new look is to keep up with today's trends for kids but you can't beat the old style. I think animals aren't cool enough for today's young kids
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At least they put her back in a dress. I hated the revamp with the jeans. Can't little girls be little GIRLS any more? I think this newest incarnation is sweet-looking (no pun intended) - and still a durned sight better than Dora...revamped or otherwise.
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Wow...all the uproar, and over what? A sweet little doll that looks like a sweet little girl. These have been on the market here for a year or two now, and I've actually seen mothers tell their daughters no, let's get a BRATZ doll, who are the parents really shopping for, their daughters, or themselves???
Personally, I'm glad my granddaughter at age 5 would rather play with cars and trucks and legos than any of the popular dolls on the market.
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I just don't understand this... No she doesn't look like a slut but why can't they have old time toys for kids... My 6 year old rather play with my old toys than with all these new toys out there... I prefer the old ones... The new ones are cute but Bring Back the Old Ones!!!!
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From a marketing/business standpoint I understand updating SS to keep her relevant. However! I wish they would have kept her cat. I think with so much of society these days being rushed/not living in the moment but instead texting what happened 3 mins ago we are losing something. In todays economy with people losing their homes and animal shelters filling to maximum capacity a doll that teaches kids it's still 'cool' to be compassionate and take good care of your animals isn't something that needed to be 'revamped'.
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keli - I had a record about that trip to "the big apple".

I also wish those who revamp would learn the "history" of the characters. It's not simply redressing them, if it were, Strawberry would be fine clothes swapping with Blueberry Muffin. The creators obviously put a lot of thought and effort into their characters (each matched with an appropriately named pet), and it should not be ruined by efforts to "update".

Why would it be so terrible to have Strawberry and friends stay the way they were with their original interests (anyone remember those? Other than avoiding the Pieman. . .) instead of cell phones? Can she do both??
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i have to say she does look better compared to the original. but i still prefer the original. and the new one looks so innocent but a back-stabbing bitch who can't wait to get laid. sorry.
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I like the new version, not necessarily better than the old one, but it is not that bad. My 7 yr old would love her. She looks more like all the dolls she already has. With all dolls being marketed like that now it just seems so obvious to go that direction. i dont think the revampted version is to sexy or sluty...that would be Bratz dolls (that by the way my daughter is not allowed to have)
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Slutcake? Please. I think the new version is fine. What's everyone so upset about? I loved the original but I always thought she looked too much like Raggedy Ann. It's not like they put her in a skanky revealing outfit or in heavy makeup and stiletto pumps. She looks like any 12 year old girl. Even more conservative than most of these girls today. It could've been much worse. They could've sexed her up and given her new skills like shopping like they did poor Dora the Explorer. :(
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this is lame why is everyone getting upset about the makevoers. esp the dora makeover in my opinion they look better. and as long as they dont look like those hooker bratz dools it should be a- ok
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To me she actually looks pretty. But I like the old one better, her little cheekes, her raggedy hair, her little smile it was all adorable! The updated version is cool too theres nothing wrong with a little girl wearing a long pink dress, with green leggins,hott pink shoes, and a more fasionable hat. Its not "slutty" at all. and the ppl saying that she should get boobs are more skankish than ppl think the doll is! Its ok that she changed everything has to grow up and the makers of SBSC (strawberry short cake) thought that she should grow up too. About SBSC getting a cell phone and replacing Custard is not the best thing that they could have done, but its not the worst thing either. SBSC moved to a city so she cant just walk over to her friends house anymore she needs a cell phone now. SBSC is just as inoccent as she was back then and if you dont agree then fine this is all my opinion
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Think about it,
strawberry shortcake isn't the only thing getting "better" or "worse"
if you honestly think about it. this is what society is coming down to. Little girls want a cell phone, they want new they want fresh. They look for the pretty people, not what mom thinks is best.
Trust me when you were little you always wanted to be friends with the pretty people, Think about this optimistically, Your child will look up to her because she's pretty, on the plus side shes teaching good lessons. Just like dora, there learning experiences.
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DORA...i think girls will b to those little brats dora...EX: "AW!!! THERE SO CUTE!!!"

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Hrmm.... I like the new look.
I just don't like the idea of the cellphone :(

Well, it's better than the new Dora :P

And, hey, atleast she's not wearing a miniskirt/minidress
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Honestly, this is not that terrible. I too was a fan of the original in my youth but I see nothing wrong with the new model. She does not remotely look like a hoe to me. She does not have implants, a tramp stamp, stilettos, a mini skirt and not even her stomach is showing. The shirt might be short but the pants are raised high enough for it not to matter. This is simply up to date but appropriate. If anything I'd be more concerned with the Bratz Dolls who even in their baby forms wear pumps and have their tummies hanging out there for the world to see.
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She needs some implants, a tattoo and a nose ring! Barbie has her "tramp stamp" with kens name in it! I think its funny how worked up some parents are getting over the change. I have a 9 yr old daughter and she has played with Bratz, Barbie and several other dolls. She doesnt feel insecure because her waist isnt teeny tiny and her boobs ridiculously huge! She doesnt try to look trampy like the Bratz either. Maybe instead of these parents blaming the dolls maufacturers for their kids behavior or insecurities they might want to actually be a "parent" and teach their kids that they are DOLLS!! I played with GI Joes as a kid with my brother and I dont run around fighting or wearing camos!
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@ Cosplay Diary omg get a life!! the old one looks so gross, and what in the world is wrong with the new one?? Just because your stuck on the stinky old version doesn't mean you have to deprive your kid of the newer, better one!! At least the new one isn't like wearing fishnets and red pumps!!
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i am just a teenage boy and all my lil' sister wants to watch is dora and nick i have to block nick from my t.v. just to keep her out of my room. why does tv now a days hypnotize children?
i mean come on go outside jump in a puddle,throw a ball on the roof and watch it roll down but stop watching t.v omg i know doras theme song and i dont even watch it..."Dora Dora Dora The explorer! the cool exploradora! argh stomp on the stinkin backpack already...
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What is it with parents, what is the problem with parents are they kidding me. Where is the slut part I dont see anything fresh such as showing body parts or having sexy clothing. The cartoon has bright colors and she has a more up to date look. Those ladys that are saying she looks like a slut you have to get your eyes check because honestly I do not see the slut part. someone with pants and a long shirt and groomed hair does not look like a slut if so then every women that takes care of herself and looks like a women is a slut. Then all of you should look like a man or never wear makeup then no one will look like a slut. think people think
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She looks great! you people are crazy if you think she looks like a slut. People oldies are great I was born in the 80s but this is a new age and there is nothing wrong with the makeover she looks like a girl. Oh my gosh she looks like a girl is that so bad. I am proud to look like a girl and I never wear high heels, I hardly were make up but I try to look pretty everyday and that is considered slut then you people must look horrible. Looking feminim is not considered a slut if yes then you people need help. Special help
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It's not the worst they could have done!

I can see why some of the adults who remember the old version are mad, but at least she's appropriately dressed, and think about it... Little kids these days aren't going to like the old version as much, this one is more current and makes a lot more sense to younger kids. Although the cell phone thing probably wasn't the best idea ever...

And by the way, I'm 12.
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I think she looks nice. The funny thing is they already changed her just a few years back, though, so that's funny. I think it is dumb not to have the pets. Kids still have pets. My neices has a dog and a cat.
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agreed i am the kid i am interested in this stuff stupid moms who think they can control their kids from the internet and barbies for 10 years! it makes them more eager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Whats wrong with this?To me,it looks like a regular tween Strawberry Shortcake.Maybe you guys should take advice from me,a 12 year old girl.God,all you parents do is care about dumb little things.It could have been worse....think about it,and then critizize(sp?).

-An annoyed 12 year old
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Where be the pussycat?
Stop it, you money-crazy freaks.
First you remodel Neopets and cover it in advertisements, then you make Dora a teenager, and now this?
No. Just no.
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I love it, I can't believe people think she's a tramp and a slut now, that's how 90% of young girls dress, I should know, I'm 11 and I've seen way worse.
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i really dont like strawberrys new makeover i find the new strawberry short cake sad. they even changed the show from candys to fruits. i personaly would'nt show this to anyone but srry strawberry short cake.
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And I just took a second gander at the old one and she looks more like a tramp. he underwear is sticking out of her rather short dress, while the new one is wearing pants
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.....are you guys FaReal? What are we a muslim country now? Can dolls not wear short sleaved shirts? I see your problem with short skirts, thats understandable, but this 'new' shortcake looks pretty modernized, thats all...the old one is what 30 years old now, she need a makeover when she fisrt came out people! I understand dolls aren't made to be attractive, thats would just be weird but dolls need to sell! What 10 yr old girl wants a 30 yr old doll. I'll give my daughter a marshmallow if she wanted the old shortcake!

Some new art needs to revolutionize the eyes of america! If we keep the old ways how will we propel ourselves to the next generation??
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well i agree with the 12 year old..i dont see anything wrong with it..its a more modern version of the doll plenty of dolls are could be worse at least shes not tattooed up like barbie..or having babies like that barbie doll that was out..or dressing like a whore like the bratz dolls
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I like the new S.S. I loved the old one, I liked the newer one, and this one is very cute. The adults are getting irritated I think because the old S.S. just looked really innocent. And by the way, who cares what little annoyed 12 year olds think?
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FaReal your are a modernist....and yes the world is progressivly getting worse can we not agree on that..but this new shortcake is just another way for mattel co. to sell their product.
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im 12 and i like the older one better and is it sooooo horrible to know what a trolly is? i dont really like the new one as much because the original is much cuter if they still made SS babydolls like that, id probably have one ?
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stephanie and colesplay diary are being losers about this stuff and prophet and christophe yall r so gay!!! implants on a doll!?!?! how freakin sad its probably the only girl u will get that close to though...
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I personally dont think that she looks like a skank (yet) but why cant they keep cartoons original?! Sure i love to txt as much as the next person but why replace the cute ass cat with some gay ass phone! And i hate that instead of fruit she likes candy! Thats a beautifull influence on little kids. Screw this new strawberry shortcake, next thing you know they are gonna make look like a bratz doll those pieces of crap are so damn ugly. Ugh the people with these ideas suck!
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The new girl is adorable..HOWEVER - she is NOT Strawberry Shortcake -- Can't somebody just come up with something NEW that little girls of "TODAY" will remember as "their own" in 25 or 30 years instead of a retread???
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The new one looks fine to me, but it's not like the other two were any better or worse. I do, however, agree with people talking about the Bratz looking whorish. And why call them Bratz?? My god, people, do you WANT kida to be like those Bratz?? I'm even more annoyed with the 'Z'....but this isn't really supposed to be about the Bratz is it? Anyway, I think the new Strawberry Short cake looks fine, but replacing the cat for a cellphone....mehh.....and BY THE WAY I'M ELEVEN.
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why do y'all think thiz new strawberry shortcake iz a slut she iz not. what on her make her look like a slut nothing. they iz juzt tryin 2 make her connect with the girls of 2day i mean 4real iz yo kids really dressing up like the old strawberry i mean the old one had on a small dress thiz one have on pants. and want iz wrong with fruit isnt adults tryin 2 get kids 2 eat more health. and wat did the candy have to do with STRAWBERRY shortcake. strawberry iz fruit not candy. im 13 and make more sence than sum of y'all. but i do understand the old strawberry shortcake iz wat y'all had grown up on so y'all mad it is changing. but change is good "OBAMA"
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Im Not A Big Fan Like Most People.
Its Not That She Looks Slutty,
Because She Really Doesnt,
Its That It Seems Like They're Trying To Erase The Image Of What Once Was,
I Mean,
When They Get Older..
Nobodys Going To Rember What She Really Looked Like,
And Her Originatily That Came With Her.

Not Only That,
But It Sends A Massege To The Yonger Kids Saying That Inorder To Be Cool,
They've Got To Look Like That.
And Inorder To Get Along In Life..
They've Got To Be Pretty

This Will Probbly Lead To Poor Self Esteem,

But In Reality,
Beautie Can Come From Anything, Anywhere, And Anyone,

I wasnt Old Enugh To Enjoy The Awsomeness Of Strawberry Shortcake,
but I Have Got To Exsperence The Reruns,
And From What I Saw,
She Was Awsome The Way She Was.

Dont Fix What Isnt Broken.
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As a little girl I absolutely adored Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite. When I seen the new Strawberry I was disappointed. 26 years young today and I want the old Stawberry back... Kids are only as grown as this world is making them become.
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I don't think there is a huge issue with updating a toys appearance. They catered to the taste of eighties children, and now they're catering to the taste of current children. They could try to keep re-releasing the same image over and over again, but look at whats out there right now? What little girl is going to want a Strawberry Shortcake toy that still has the Raggedy-Anne look when they've beed raised on Bratz doll. I'm surprised the change is as mild as it is.

As for changing up Mickey... ummm... this wouldn't be the first time. Anybody out there remember black and white Mickey who just had dots for eyes? That what he looked like when I was little and I sure didn't want to watch him. Whenever that black and white cartoon came on I changed the channel to something colorful that pandered to my 6 year old brain.

I don't think chane is bad at all. In fact, I think its kind of cool to see my childhood classics re-created in modern times. I hope they do Rainbow Bright next. Or Lady Lovely Locks :)
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And On Another Note,
"Keepin' It Real"

you really wouldnt understand.
this is their childhood.
this is what they grew up with.

you honstily cant exspect them to compleatly change a beloved childhood hero because companies think
"shes not pretty"

strawberry shortcake WAS beautifull the way she was.
and theres absolutly no reason why they should chage her.
if its a good show,
kids shouldnt worry about how the main charater looks.
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Has anyone bothered to look at the "new" (they've been around for about a year now!) Strawberry Shortcake dolls and the movies or do you just want to sound off without knowing what you are talking about? The dolls are sweet. They have NOT traded in Strawberry's pets for a cellphone. Both Custard and Pupcake are prominant in the movies and are with the dolls. The show (on CBS) and the movies have good messages (i.e. don't assume a person is a certain way by the way she looks) and Strawberry Shortcake is not the whiny piece of fluff she was originally. Yes, I have seen some of the original Strawberry Shortcake shows and couldn't STAND the whining voice and she cried over every little thing. The updated Strawberry is an exceptional role model for young girls. I, for one, much prefer my daughters watching Strawberry Shortcake and her friends than a lot of the other shows that are on these days. That goes for playing with the dolls too. Strawberry does NOT look like a "slutcake" or a "skank". She looks "berry" sweet and cute.
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If you ask me she looks so much better. And I'm sick of soccer moms critizing (excuse my spelling) Dora's new look and Barbie's tatoos. Here's some advice you:


If your kids get a fit just do what my mom did to me, grab me by my shirt and give me threat to "beat my behind so hard I won't be able to sit down for 2 weeks". And really, what's wrong with Dora's new look? Everyone's got to grow up and look different at sometime in their life. Take the famous video game icons Sonic the Hedeghog and Crash Bandicoot. Sonic grew up and got a different design
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Continuing my previous comment interrupted by the enter button, Sonic and Crash grew up and got different designs


From this:

To this:


From this:

To this:

Nobody complained about that (except the fans maybe, but who cares about them) Sonic aged and changed and is still loved by non-ignorant gamers. Not so sure if Crash aged, but he changed AND GOT TATOOS and is still the silly, wacky, loveable bandicoot we all know. Dora, Strawberry Shortcake, and Barbie will be too. And really parents, when you look at it this way you should realize it's not that big of a deal. Your kids aren't going to grow up and get tatoos or give tatoos just because they saw it on a toy. It's up to you to guide your kids in the right direction. And yes I'm pretty sure it's gonna take some time to get used to these new looks, but it also took time to get use to the new Pokemon TV Show voice actors. After I heard there was gonna be new actors on the show I felt just like you feel now and traded in all my Pokemon games because I gave up on it, but then I gave the show a chance on day and realized they improved from the last time I saw them. All I'm saying is stop complaining about these new things and get used to them because Nickolodeon, Mattel, and whoever makes Strawberry Shortcake aren't going to change their minds. The fans of The Pokemon TV Show tried to change the show's creators minds about the voice actors, but did that work? No. And we may have just been kids at that time, but fans have just as much rights as you adults. I hope my little talk has persuaded you to change your minds about this. Au revoir!
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ok personally, I think the new strawberry shortcake isn't too too bad, i mean like other people said, she's more like what girls today want to play with and is actually not showing her underwear! Bratz dolls need to just DIE! They had to raise the age from 5+ to 10+ or something because they didn't want little girls getting the feeling that dressing like a whore is right, but Bratz are way to slutty. Barbie is now getting tattoos, which i think is a bit sad =( Anyways, it's pissin' off a lot of parents mainly because of the fact that this isnt the Strawberry Shortcake they knew and played with when they were little, they just dont like the changes and the remodeling and stuff. I don't think parents should be freaking out about this because personally i don't think there's anything wrong with the new SS. I still think the cellphone thing was kinda crossing the line, but she's appropriately dressed and shes more like girls today and shes now something that girls these days want to play with. And as for the people who think 7-year-old SS needs implants, you REALLY need medical attention, because not only are you perverted, but do u want your daughters playing with a 7-year-old SS dool with boobs jutting out of her body?? didn't think so! when i grow up, since im only 14, I would get dolls appropriate for my daughter and make sure the doll isn't a skank!

....and did i mention that im only 14?!!?
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Oh my god... What have they done to her? I mean, I never liked Strawberry Shortcake, I only liked it as a dessert not as a show. She wasnt all that inspirational to me, but I do have a little sister who is into that kind of stuff and I wouldnt want her to watch Strawberry Shortcake if she had a cell phone. I dont even have a cell phone yet! God, but if she sees this she'll want one.

And, what on earth have people done to Dora anyway? My sister ADORES Dora (pun intended) and I would hate to let her watch the new Dora. And Barbie with tattoos? Well, that just speaks for itself.

Look, we dont need to have this generation's cartoon role models showing off a waiste smaller than the neck of a beer bottle and cell phones. Because all we will have when they grow up is a bunch of insecure teenagers who think they arent good enough for anything an starve themselves so they can be tiny too. Good lord, where has this country gone?

-A concerned eight grader
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Hudson is right, when they remodel something, complaining about it isn't going to do anything about it. It's not like complaining and being whiny babies is going to make these companies change their mids just because annoying parents who are way too overprotective start whining about how "slutty" SS is. She's not slutty, looking at the picture doesn't scream out "slut" at all, and if you think it does, then u need to see an eye doctor, because i think she looks pretty cute =) Nothing taht is old fashioned is gonna stay old fashioned forever. everything and everyone is going to grow up eventually, and complaining about it like, this, mostly parents, isn't goingto do anything to change these companies' minds! I suggest you get used to it and give it a chance, because you might end up liking it and you'll regret ever complaining about it and being a whiny baby =D
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How about the powers that be just make everyone happy by ALSO bringing back the original dolls. They still make their money, the collectors and nostalgics are happy and the younger girls can continue buying the new version. Problem solved.
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over reacting with the "slutberry"
i actually like the new look. you have to think they are trying to sell this in a time thats more "modern"
I think the look is really cute and the old look is sooo....well its cute but....old....
this one is nice fresh and definately not slutty. she's completely covered and she doesn have those dreadful red curls anymore. yuck....
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I am a 13yearoldgirl and well I am not exactlly the best person to make an opinion(it should be moms who think about their daughters and 10-12 year olds)but...
I think the new Strawberry Shortcake is cool and even though I left my liking for cartoons a long time ago, I think this new Strawberry increases the liking of cartoons for tweens, of which woudl´ve stopped liking her if she hadn´t changed. I mean look at me! Me and my 10 year old sister USED to love dora and strawberry shortcake and carebears and all those cute cartoons. Now from the teensiest mention of Dora the Explorer ( my little sis ex-idol)she goes red in the face and I mean who at her age wouldn´t be ashamed of herself if she used to be the number 1 fan of dora? As for bratz I like to watch the shows because even though they look exageratly fashionable( even the baby dolls!!) they were the first to start this I want tweens and early teens to like us dolls. They were really never meant for kids. Besides they do give good messajes like the power of friendship and stuff like that. But the myscene dolls were wayy better than the little sis has bratz and she takes care of tham like they were angles fallen from the sky...its a good thing they arent gonna take the old dora out. Dora will entertained toddlers, kids, tweens and even (though rarely) some teens. I mean itll take my sis´s mind out of bratz for a while:P

P.S. It doesn´t mean I don´t think the old strawberry shortcake was for little kids. I didn´t stop watching it till I was 11!!!My bedcover sheets and my curtais were all strawberry shortcake themed!!! I took them off before my 12th birthday though...Maybe they´ll do what there doing with dora...jaja itll be named Strawberry Shortcake grows up jaja lol!!! :D
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Wait.... I am REALLY confused.

There is the old Strawberry Shortcake from the 80's (as depicted above)

A newer version that is ADORABLE!!! See here:

But even the newer version looks NOTHING like the above “makeover” which looks like a 10 year old “Little Mermaid” in a pink outfit!

To those that say that the new one is great and have even seen all the new shows, do you mean the new one in the link above, or the makeover one to the right? They are VERY different!!! Please compare and make sure that you are discussing the correct image...

And can anyone tell me if the current one in the link IS the most current and all this banter is over nothing? Is the above image to the right really scheduled to be released?

Before I discovered that there could be more than one “new” version, I wrote the following in regards to the image that is on the right at the top of this page and NO disrespect to the image in the above link as she is an adorable “makeover” (although some of the other characters are a bit... overdone).

* * * * * * * * *

O.K.... I hope that what I bring to this conversation will clear up a few things on both sides of the fence... To those that are calling her a “slut” and also to those who say that there is “nothing” wrong...

It is NOT that she looks like a “slut”... it's the need to make her “pretty” in a mini teenager sort of way. Cute isn't good enough anymore.... cute is babyish even for 5 year olds these days... and that is what's sad.

To those that are upset about the revamp and are nostalgic about the original, deep down inside what is really bothering you is that her image is being dumbed down to that of being just a pretty picture of strawberry loveliness as opposed to being fun and adventuresome... but then again, that's just the VISUAL image. One poster indicated that the new character is still sweet, just less whiny... that's a good thing right? I vote yes!

And although the original is a bit hokey and needed an update, your frustration is understandable as being “pretty” with hints of sexy (it's the hair people!) is what is driving sales. She is suppose to be a kid and her hair is gorgeous! I mean... come on!

Many on here have said, “What's wrong with letting her look like a girl for god sakes!” Well, it's not about not wanting little girls to ever be “girl-ie” what it's about is our “modern” society (via marketing, via society?) not wanting little girls to a kids. Is is o.k. for girls to run and play and get their hair messy? Not the new and “improved” Strawberry Shortcake!... Or so it seems....

Although, just VISUALLY speaking, compare the two: Which one is cute, and which one is... pretty? Which one looks ready for adventure and which one is.... waiting for a boy? It's subtle....but definitely there (look how she sits!) and the kids DO know the difference and that is why the old doll doesn't appeal to “today's” girls... as they are learning more and more every day that looking pretty is better... above EVERYTHING ELSE.

Trading the sweets for fruit? O.K....

But a cell phone? Really? If this is indeed true (as “Kab” said that it is not) she might as well be “boy-crazy” and a “shop-a-holic” as well! And this is the same reason that people are miffed over the whole Dora thing too.....And have you seen what they have done to Holly Hobbie? She is unrecognizable! Go here:

And to those that say that all they are doing is keeping up with the times... that should be of a concern to you too... have you even stopped to think about what kind of times we are in? Someone on here said,

“…..are you guys FaReal? What are we a Muslim country now? Can dolls not wear short sleeved shirts? I see your problem with short skirts, thats understandable, but this ‘new’ shortcake looks pretty modernized”

But no one is saying that all women should be “modest” ... but we aren't talking about women are we... we are talking about little girls... innocent children. Since when has being “modernized” equate to a standard of beauty? It has become increasingly trendy to push little girls to grow up fast... innocence does not sell anymore...Why is that? Are we afraid that we will have to actually look after them? Are we trying to make them grow up fast so that we won't have to worry? But be careful... Most grown-up women know all to well that beauty is a false sense of power... So why are we grooming our little girls into the same trap?

Being “Pretty, sassy, and COOL” is being pushed harder and harder on our girls at younger and younger ages... and many moms give in because they are too afraid to say no out of fear that their daughters won't “like” them.... or they encourage it because it's important to start the brainwashing as early as possible so that they will grow up into desirable M.I.L.F.'s...

There is nothing wrong with admiring beauty and having a Barbie or two...but there should be a variety of images for young girls (especially the younger ones) and I'm not saying that girl dolls have to look ugly... but there must be creative ways to promote a positive image without having to rely on beauty. Personally, I think that the revamp that they did 10 years ago was great.

Although “Kab” has a good point: “The show (on CBS) and the movies have good messages (i.e. don’t assume a person is a certain way by the way she looks) and Strawberry Shortcake is not the whiny piece of fluff she was originally. Yes, I have seen some of the original Strawberry Shortcake shows and couldn’t STAND the whining voice and she cried over every little thing. The updated Strawberry is an exceptional role model for young girls.”

I have to admit, I have not seen the shows and therefore in that regard, I am guilty. So I'm VERY glad to know that the shows have improved and that the character is strong.... I just wish that the image matched.

Please be aware of what kind of VISUAL messages are being pushed on our youth, particularly our girls.

If you found any or what I am trying to convey as slightly enlightening PLEASE go here:

Thank you.

P.S. The posters that suggested that she get boobs were most likely being sarcastic as in to say, “They already turned he into a tart (their opinion, not mine) so why not go all the way.....” and that's called....sarcasm.

BTW....I'm 37..... Oooooo..........
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Hearing about all these things with the girly dolls makes me very glad that I have boys and don't have to navigate the world of tween and teen girls. Dealing with guns, bugs and dirt is bad enough! :)
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.)
Hello? I have read most of these remarks about the new Strawberry Shortcake! And the new Dora! I haven't watched those since I was a baby, and now I want to watch them! Think about it:
Barbie is made to help kids put clothes together and put things in order like every other kid has to learn how to do anyway.
Dora: I hated Dora when I first turned 7! Now, I wanna look at the new Dora! I mean, she will look cooler than ever!
Strawberry Shortcake: OMG, she looks sooo pretty, I mean, she looks better than the picture on my left. I like the way she looks on the right! If my sisters began watching THAT ONE+The new DORA, I would hang out with them more!
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