Fired for Laughing

We posted about the waitress who was fired for cutting her hair for charity before, but this one is even better: Darra Kollios got fired because she was laughing!

"I had a customer at the bar and the owner came up to me and said, 'Please stop laughing,' Kollios said. "We giggled -- the guy at the bar and myself. And then I said, 'Are you serious?' And he said, 'Yes, if you laugh again, you will have to go home."

Kollios said she was then fired on the spot.


This is ridiculous... however I don't think the "shaving her head" thing was. If you're going to do something that drastic to your appearance, consult your employer first. They have rules about that kind of thing at most places.
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The article forgets to mention why she was laughing, how loud she was laughing and the name of the resaurant (to piss off the manager, if I lived in America :p).

It strikes me as odd that tehy left out why she was laughing. Was she laughing at someone who made a faux pas ? Did someone have their skirt tucked into their underwear ? Did someone have noticeably hard nipples ? Was the customer coming on to her ? And she laughed one of those laughs from cartoons/older movies where they say something like "Oh stop, you're too kind" hEEE HEEE HEE HEE.
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@ CheeseDuck

That's what I want to know as well. Maybe she was laughing at some poor guy who suffered from a disability and her cackling was offensive to everyone!
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If you want to hear the laugh, watch the video at the link.

And there wasn't necessarily more to the story. Ever had a boss who was just a douchebag? It's not such a stretch.
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"Under Florida law, employees are considered "at will," which means they may be terminated for any reason as long as they're not under contract and it doesn't involve age, sex or race discrimination."

Wow, you Americans really seem to have NO rights in your own country.
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