The EM Brace by Nick Hasty

The EM Brace, a thesis project by Nick Hasty, is a wearable device that lets you experience electromagnetic radiation emitted by devices and gadgets that are around us.

Cell phones, computers, power tools - pretty much everything with electronic components emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that pass through our bodies unnoticed. Nick's device translates EMF into vibrations that can be felt by the wearer.

Link (with video) | More on Nick's Blog - via Rhizome, thanks gene!

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Before we start, let me remind everyone that electromagnetic radiation is a fancy name for radio waves, and has nothing to do with particular radiation, the stuff you get from radioactive materials.
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This can be done in a much simpler way--there was a guy who had a small magnet encased in a plastic case which allowed some room for it to move. He then implanted it into his finger. He could detect live wires (even the frequency of electricity running in the wire, as well as a range of other EM phenomena.

Pretty cool.
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Still, I imagine the experience would be rather alarming, once we see how many waves are actually going through us on a day-to-day basis.

EMFs are not just radio waves, Sofar. The term can include things like magnetic fields, as well as things like x-rays and gamma rays (which are NOT harmless).
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I am currently a Nuclear Medicine student. To say that Radio waves are not harmless is just silly. Any radiation (yes radio waves and magnetic fields are considered radiation) has the ability to cause chromosomal changes within a cell. The odds of a particular radio wave of causing a change is rare however.

Scientists are still out on whether or not everyday EMF is causing any definite harm to the public. Some studies show significant tumor growth, while others find nothing at all. I guess time will tell.
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Like we need another reason for kooks to claim that they are somehow "sensitive" to it.... I would like to know what kind of frequency response the thing has -- as Sofar noted, radio waves of some frequency are (almost) everywhere on Earth. This thing oughta be vibrating like a marital aid plugged into a 220V outlet.
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Vibrating your body with high-amplitude / low frequency sound energy is also medically contra-indicated. I hope his device has a volume control. By the way I'm going to a heavy metal concert today. It's contra-indicated.
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