Post-Conflict Travel Destinations

There are often countries that you automatically discount when planning a vacation because, like, there’s a WAR or something going on there! (Unless you’re Bono, who will go anywhere anytime.) Then when the situation improves, you don’t think about them again. Pro Traveller takes a look at six nations you might want to reconsider as travel destinations. Pictured is Indonesia, birthplace of Neatorama’s webmaster. Link -Thanks, Andy!

these are really dated. bad article.
Cambodia is swimming in tourists; so are Peru, Indonesia, Ireland,.. Maybe if this was 1998 or 1988 the article would have been relevant.
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What?! No El Salvador? We may be small and not as pretty as Peru, but we have nice beaches, former guerrilla now have museums in conflict areas, they even have a hotel in their underground trenches!

We also have Joya de Ceren and some pre-columbian temples that have turned out to be completely different from Stanley Boggs' concrete "reconstruction"
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i could never vacation in a/n poor/unfortunate country after reading "confessions of an economic hitman." really gave me a whole new perspective.. i suggest it to anyone. it's wonderfully depressing. but it gives a real, true impression of the world we live in and make you want to put your money towards more important things, like your mortgage or credit card bills.
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I loved Indonesia. I was there 2 months after the big Tsunami. I stayed at a beach town called Panganderan which sadly, was largely destroyed a few months later in another Tsunami. The people were wonderful and the landscape was amazing.
I go to Cambodia every year. I have Cambodian friends there. Cambodia is not swimming in tourists outside of Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. I have been to remote corners of the country where tourists are extremely rare. I visited a hilltribe in Ratanakiri with an instamatic camera and gave people photos of themselves. They were so stoked. I remember a very serious old man who started smiling and then laughing, showing his picture to his friends.
The opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives often presents itself when I travel. It is important to think carefully before intervening, but donating notebooks and pens to a rural school is a little thing that makes a big difference. Or bring an old laptop you aren't going to use and give it to a college student or business.
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hey the Bush-rangutan said mission accomplished so how come Eye-rack ain't on that list?

But seriously, Indo is now safe?

Aussies have been making dicks of themselves in Bali for 40 years until this little event...

you might remember, or not, the bombing of the bali night spot killing 202 people

Everything was so much better when Suharto was in charge, with the death squads and the ruthless repression the draconian control

So who wants to go?

did i mention that the sharia courts effectively pardonedany one involved?
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Whilst Belfast is definately improving, there are still plenty of areas which are predominantly one "side" or the other and a few which are hotly debated. Numerous "peace wall"s have been erected to physically separate one group from another and on interface areas it's quite common to find broken bricks and bottles, a sign of sectarian violence from the day or night before. The city centre is as safe as any other city in the UK or Ireland, however stray far from it and you can find yourself in a lot of trouble very quickly. Sadly this applies to many other towns in Northern Ireland too. On the plus side, the north cost is spectacular and accommodation and drink is on a par or perhaps slightly less than equivalent EU regions.
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Ah you used to be able to stay in the most bombed hotel in the world, The Europa in belfast, until those pesky balkans stole the title for the Sarajevo Hilton
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Neatorama commenters can be cranky sometimes :)

Yes, I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and stayed there till I was about oh, 13 years old. So I do speak Indonesian quite fluently. Apa kabar, simon!

Bali is gorgeous, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes the tropics.
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