Flood Pictures From Des Moines

Things are starting to get a little sticky here in Iowa... or watery, I guess, would be more appropriate.

This is the Simon Estes Amphitheater in downtown Des Moines. On the left is what it should look like, and on the right is what it currently looks like. Yikes.

For more pictures of the flood thus far (I hear it's supposed to get worse this week), check out Des Moines: It's Kind of a Big Deal. I'm going to try to update as the week progresses, so we'll see what happens!

Between my home and work in south-central WI, four huge farms have been totally decimated, interstate highways have been closed, and many county roads have been washed out...and we're apparently far less affected than the Western part of the state.

Ah, weather...
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I live about 500 feet from the Des Moines river near Euclid Avenue and the water is getting scary-close! All of the parking lots on Euclid near MLK are totally flooded - even the new Polk County building.

No water in my basement yet, knock on wood. Even though we're so close to the river I think we're uphill enough that we will be okay. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if I could throw a rock into the flood waters from my front yard by the end of the week!
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entire towns around cedar rapids have been evacuated. due to a levee break, the entire downtown is flooded. our jail has been evacuated since it is placed on the island in the middle of the river. more rain is coming.

today is my birthday, but i'm going to fill sandbags.
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um... not sure, i know most of the jails here are full already. we've had a levee break, a railroad bridge collapse. our meter for measuring the river depth is broken and completely underwater, plus the current is too fast to measure it manually.
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Why would you build anything there in the first place? And why would you insist on trying keep on living there when this happens all the time? Beats me, this idiocy.
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It's like that joke that George Carlin tells about people move to Hawaii thinking it's paradise, build their dream home under the volcano, and wonder why there's lava flowing through their house the next year!

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